Pretty Wedding Dresses for the Beach

For couples, nothing is more romantic than spending some time on the beach and having romantic talks together. So in terms of weddings, beach weddings are one of the most romantic wedding events that you can think of. Beach weddings are more personal and more engaging among couples as compared to a conventional wedding at a banquet. So for your special day, think about a special beach wedding that not only you and your groom can enjoy, but your friends, family and other guests as well.

If you are ready for a beach wedding, then the next step is to find the best beach wedding dress for you to flatter your soon-to-be husband. For beach weddings, the simpler the dress is, the more suitable it is for the event. The main aim for beach wedding dresses is to showcase the natural beauty of the bride for the natural beach scenery. This article helps you find the best wedding dresses for beach weddings.

Short wedding dresses for beach

Short wedding dresses are perfect for beach weddings especially if the venue is right in front of the seashore. Short wedding dresses will allow you to take post nuptial shots in the water with your man. Short dresses are also very light and airy juts like the beach.

This fairy inspired tube dress is very stylish with the translucent fabric on the hemline. It is also highlighted with rhinestones for added sparkle like the water.

Short beach wedding dress

The simpler the dress is, the better for beach weddings. This very simple silk halter dress is best for curvy women to show the flattering curves in your body.

Short beach wedding dresses

Lace is also very suitable for beach weddings. This tube dress is lined with two inch lace fabric on the hemline for a chic style. The side bow also adds flatter to your hips.

Lovely beach wedding dress

For more daring brides, this dress with interlaced straps at the back is best for modern beach weddings. This dress can be worn on the ceremony itself and during the after-wedding night party at the beach.

Sexy beach wedding dress

Add highlights to the magnificent white sand on the beach with this studded beach wedding dress. You may opt to put more natural studs like small beach stones, pearls or shell.

Beach wedding attire

Long wedding dresses for beach

For a little bit formal beach weddings, a long wedding dress for the beach is best. Match the setting of the sunset with a long dress and sipping of champagne to match the sparkling ocean.

This simple, but stunning tube dress is best for sunset beach weddings.

Beach wedding dress

For earlier beach weddings, a see-through halter lace dress is also a good choice. Beat the tropical heat with a see-through dress at the top to create a haltered two-piece top look.

Beach wedding dresses

If you want a sparkling look to match the sparkling ocean in the sunset, you can also have this rhinestone studded strapped dress. The back is also very sexy for more daring brides.

Beach wedding gown

One shoulder long dresses can be very pretty for beach weddings. Match the one shoulder dress with a simple skirt design and you will be a pretty bride perfect for beach weddings.

Beach wedding gowns

This is also a gorgeous lace dress design for beach weddings. Have an overlying lace on a stunning plain fabric to create a stunning train of the dress.

Lace Beach wedding dress

Beach weddings are really romantic and nothing can replace the wonderful scenery as you exchange your ‘I do’s’ during your big day so you must also get an equally beautiful wedding dress to make the moment more memorable.