Romantic and Unique Wedding Picture Ideas

Couples about to be wed are probably looking for the best wedding picture ideas before their wedding day. Having unique wedding pictures is important because it is one of the memories that a couple is going to be looking back to years after their married life. Professional photographers offer pre-wedding photo shoots, together with several wedding picture ideas to choose from. The couple does not need to worry, because usually the ambiance of these kinds of photo shoot is fun and enjoyable. Here are some ideas for wedding pictures that couple may consider.

Sometimes couple just decide to have a wedding photography theme out of the blue, and here is one of the unique wedding photography ideas that seems very random.

Abandoned Building Wedding Picture


Let out the child in you by choosing fun wedding picture ideas. On this picture, the couple seems to be really enjoying their day. The balloons and the carefree look of the couple add a sense of happiness to the photo.

Balloons Wedding Photoshoot Ideas


Whether it is a beach wedding or not, having a wedding picture on the beach is a romantic idea.

Beach Walk Picture Idea


A boat ride in the lake is a good idea for a wedding picture. It is different from the usual wedding photographs that you see.

Boat Ride Wedding Picture


There are wedding pictures where the bride and the groom need not be together. One of the good locations to have a pre-wedding photograph is a garden.

Garden Wedding Picture Idea


Music lovers will find this pre-wedding photograph idea to be perfect. It is good to show something that you both love to do in your wedding pictures.

Music Lovers Wedding Photoshoot


Having a professional photographer take your pre-wedding photos is the first step in planning your wedding. This experience also helps the couple know each other better.

Outdoor Wedding Photo Idea


The theme for the photos before the wedding day gives those who will attend it an idea on what to expect during the actual wedding. Outdoor locations are more convenient for couples, because there they can feel more at ease and comfortable.

Seashore Wedding Photoshoot Idea


Choosing a good background for a wedding photo can make simple wedding picture poses more special. This stone wall is a work of art already that it makes the whole theme of the photo extraordinary.

Stone Wall Wedding Picture


Underwater photography can be quite difficult to do, but you can hire professional photographers to catch the magical moment. Nothing fancy is required for this kind of photo. The happiness of the couple is what makes wedding picture ideas special.

Underwater Wedding Picture Ideas