Stunning Gold Wedding Dresses

Brides usually pick white as the color of their wedding gowns because of the image of purity and simplicity; however, there are more colors to choose from such as gold. Gold is a very stunning color especially if you desire a glittering effect that would make you the center of attraction during your wedding day.

In so many ways, gold wedding dresses appear to be more stunning than white and makes the bride more special during her wedding day. Also, a gold wedding gown becomes more flattering for women who have olive and sun kissed skin tones. If you are considering getting a gold wedding dress during your special day, here are the most stunning and flattering gold wedding gowns that you can choose from:

Fairy Tale Inspired God Wedding Dresses

Gold dresses for weddings are best for fairy tale inspired themes because gold is simply very attractive and stunning. This Cinderella-inspired wedding dress includes layers of gold fabric to show a drop dead gorgeous train. The dress is also matched with a pretty off shoulder sleeve for a more flattering look.

Gold wedding gown

If you dream of a grand entrance during your wedding day, this wedding gown with a long train is very suitable. The dress is best for Belle-inspired weddings because of the layering gold fabric. It is also best for classic weddings because of its classic design.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Wedding Dress

If you want a simpler, yet still gorgeous gold wedding dress, this embroidered gown is best. Match the gown with a gold head dress and you are ready to walk down the aisle with elegance.

Gold wedding dresses

Tube Gold Wedding Dresses

For taller women, this simple tube dress is a good pick for weddings. The design is not as flamboyant as the former gowns so it is best for simpler wedding themes. The pleated design adds style to the gorgeous wedding gown.

Beautiful Gold Wedding Dress

This gold dress with rhinestones is also a good wedding gown design. This gown is best for night weddings because the rhinestones will shine with brilliance as you walk down the aisle.

Gold wedding gowns

You can also match a  tube wedding dress with a flattering shawl to add elegance and style.

Stunning Wedding dress

Sexy Gold Wedding Dresses

If you want to use gold and would want a sexier outfit during your wedding day to flatter your groom, this sexy gold dress is best. The low neck line matched with a stunning gold necklace makes you a sexy and stunning bride during your wedding day.

Sexy Gold Wedding Dress

White and Gold Wedding Dresses

Gold can also be mixed with white if you don’t want gold throughout your dress. This pretty white wedding dress with gold studs make the dress more attractive and stunning. The gold accents actually shine while you walk down the aisle making you a shining bride.

Gold wedding dress

You can also focus more on gold by adding gold accents at the top of the dress and minimizing it as it reaches the hemline. This gold wedding dress is actually my pick when it comes to gold wedding gowns.

Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Aside from studs, a golden embroidery in your white dress is also gorgeous. Match the embroidery with rhinestones for a shining effect.

White and Gold Wedding Dress

Modern wedding gowns have really moved from the classical white dress to more colors such as gold. Gold wedding dresses can be very stunning and pretty so consider having one of these in your wedding day.