Stylish Informal Wedding Dresses

Weddings are not always formal and some people who opt for more personal and memorable weddings go for informal wedding events such as outdoor weddings and small group weddings. Definitely, informal weddings don’t need those extravagant wedding dresses and a simple wedding dress is all it takes for informal wedding events. Informal weddings may include beach weddings, garden weddings, chapel weddings, civil weddings, and other outdoor or small wedding events.

For non-traditional brides, informal wedding dresses are the best because it shows unmatched elegance in simple gowns. Informal wedding gowns may either be long or short depending on the destination or the venue of the wedding event. You can also choose from strapless, one shoulder, sleeveless, halter styles as well as various necklines for your informal wedding dress.

Casual wedding dresses or informal wedding dresses can be as glamorous as formal gowns without the added flamboyant designs. Because of the simple style, simple informal wedding dresses are suited for beach weddings and outdoor weddings. To get you started on your casual wedding dress, here are some of the best designs that I have encountered:

Wedding dresses with high necklines are best for informal weddings because you remain very conservative and classy in your big day. There are various high neck dresses that you can choose from from a plain dress, laced necklines as well as satin gowns.

High Neckline Wedding Dresses

This wedding gown is actually a lesser formal gown best for informal events with a touch of simplicity and elegance. This simple long gown is very modest as well.

Informal wedding attire

Haltered dresses are also good informal wedding dresses. This haltered dress is very pretty, but not as extravagant as other formal wedding gowns. This dress is best for garden weddings because the simple gown stands out from the beautiful flowers.

Informal wedding gown

A simple strapped gown is also a good choice for informal wedding events. This long dress with a plunging neckline suits a chapel wedding or any small wedding events.

Informal wedding attires

Add style to your simple strapped dress with this pleated wedding dress to highlight your body curves.

Informal wedding dress

Aside from long wedding gowns, short informal wedding dresses also suit informal wedding events. Short wedding gowns actually suit outdoor weddings best because you would not want to have your long gown end up with getting dirt or sand from the ground. Short wedding dresses are very breathable and light.

Informal short wedding dresses

This short wedding dress is also a  not-so-formal wedding dress. However, if you need to create a more dramatic look, you may have the train longer or have your veil longer for that matter.

Informal wedding gowns

This simple gown is best for simple and pretty brides who would stand out regardless of what dress she wears. The embroidered design adds style and elegance to a classical short wedding gown.

Short Informal Wedding Dress

For vintage weddings, this short informal wedding gown captures an old-fashioned look. Match the dress with a vintage veil and you’re set for your vintage-inspired wedding.

Tea length informal wedding dress

Beach weddings are the most common informal wedding events. You can also have a long informal wedding gown, but make sure to hold the train as you walk by the seashore.

Beach informal wedding dress

Sometimes, informal wedding events tend to become more memorable and personalized as compared to formal wedding events. In this line, make sure to get a stylish informal dress to accentuate your big day.