10 Romantic Summer wedding colors and styles

summer wedding colorsBeautiful Summer wedding colors to choose from

Summer weddings are the trends nowadays because it allows you to let your hair down during the most wonderful day of your life. If you’re thinking of holding an outdoor wedding this summer, then these are the hues that can brighten up your ceremony.

blue summer wedding color theme

If you want a serene and cool color to decorate your wedding, then any shade of blue is perfect for your summer wedding. You can combine this cerulean shade with white or yellow to come up with the perfect color motif for your ceremony.

Romantic Paris wedding theme

Pretty pastel colors  and wedding theme , inspired by the most romantic city in the world.

Romantic paris wedding style

Bright, citrusy colors are also great for summer weddings. Different shades of yellow, lime green, bright orange, hot pink and red are just some of the hues that can make your marriage ceremony perky and perfect for the happy summer season.

yellow and green wedding theme and colors

If you will be having a sunset wedding by the beach, then the best palettes include colors that depict the sunset, such as yellow, orange, and red. Pink and orange make for a good combination as well. Sky blues and dusk greys, as well as sandy colors teamed up with orange or pink will make your sunset marriage ceremony oh so perfect!

light blue wedding colors

Summer is reminiscent of trees and plants, making green one of the best shades for your wedding. Apart from centering your bridesmaids’ dresses and table decors to a certain shade of green, you can also match it up with ‘floral’ colors such as white, pink, yellow, purple, or lavender.

Pink and purple wedding style

Pastel colors are famously used in spring weddings, but these hues are also perfect for summer ceremonies. Exceptional combinations include pink and peach, mocha and pale coral, lilac and sage, cream and rose, pale blue and lavender, and white and light yellow.

pink wedding colors

Just like pastel colors, rainbow hues will make your summer wedding a truly cheerful occasion.

Lavender colors for summer wedding:

lavender wedding style and colors

Yellow, purple and pink make for great combinations, just like orange, pink, and red. Another great set is lime, aqua, and yellow. You can also mix up four colors, such as pink, green, orange and yellow; and blue, green, yellow and purple.

orange wedding colors

If you’re not a fan eye-popping colors, there are neutral shades which can work well with a summer ‘I do.’ Examples include Sand and beige, sand and white, white and cream, and silver , classical white .

clear white wedding colors

Summer is a great time to tie the knot with your life partner. To make your grand day perfect, choose from any of these wedding colors to make your marriage one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.