Tips for Elegant Wedding Nails

For a bride the cleanliness of her nails becomes much more necessary because at the wedding day nails are the most focused area on her hands. As a bride, you’re envisioning every detail of your wedding to be thoughtfully planned out, right down to your wedding nail polish for your wedding nails.

Think about how much your hands will be the center of attention starting with the engagement when everyone wants to see the ring, then at all the bridal events like the bridal shower, bachelorette party and of course the wedding day.

wedding-nailsPlan ahead, think about what types of nails you want and what design. The less time your nails have to get ruined before the big event, the better.  So plan a mani/pedi day close to the wedding date but don’t leave it till the last minute in case you get crammed for time.

south bound bride

Remember to keep your nails looking nice for all those wedding related events where people will inevitably ask you to see your rock.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on manicures, a simple home polish change will do the trick.

cute wedding nail art

Choosing the right color and design for your nails depends on a variety of things: Dress color, atmosphere at the wedding, your personality, what you are comfortable with, and what look you are going for.  

red wedding nail polish

French tip wedding nails are always a popular, classy choice that will match most outfits, from a typical red to a summery destination wedding dress. A french manicure is the traditional style for brides to wear, and it’s also a good choice for a bride who likes a more natural look for the day. You can go to any nail salon and have this done, and feel pampered at the same time. 

french tip wedding nails

Have fun thinking about your nails and playing around ahead of time with the various options out there. Check out blogs and magazines with pictures of brides showing off their nails alongside their rings and see what works for you.

french tip
For the bold bride, a sparkling gold nail polish could rev up your style. If you like gold accessories, there are loads of gold nail polish available in shops that may be the right dazzling accent for your bridal nails. Some of them states that it is embellished with real gold flakes and prevents chipping.

sparkling gold nail polish
For the trendy bride, The hot nail trend for 2012 has been caviar nails, they are basically little micro-beads stuck to nail polish that give your nails a 3D effect.

caviar nails
For the Romantic BrideThe classic ballet pink is a traditional bridal nail polish color, and there is a wide array of this beautiful shade on the market. If you’d like to add a little something extra, you could try a scented nail polish that has a fruity scent when it has dried.

ballet pink wedding nailsFor a girly bride, Just add a little glitter to a pink polish and you have got instant sparkle for your special day. You can also use a glittery polish with the new holographic effect to take your sparkle up a notch and go full princess status.

glitter nail polish