10 Beautiful Wedding Color Combinations

When you have your wedding, you would want it to be perfect from your gown, cake, reception, wedding entourage and others. Among all these, a good wedding color combination brings out the theme of the wedding and gives a better wedding experience for the couple and the guests.

Among all things, choosing wedding color combos is the initial decision that you are going to make because all other wedding essentials will be based on these colors. These wedding colors will be the basis for the flowers, dresses, centerpieces, table cloths, invitations, hair pieces and many other things for the wedding.

During wedding planning, you will need to put your chosen color palette in mind all the time so you can have all things set for your wedding theme. A good way to have your wedding color combos is to have a fabric swatches and a printed color palette carried all the time. Also, it is essential that all members of the planning team will have your color combination so you never get out of the color combination when you start to purchase stuffs.

Choosing a wedding color may be hard initially, but these wedding color ideas may just help you decide on what you are going to have. The following are the popular wedding colors that you can choose from according to the theme or season of your wedding:

Formal and Romantic Wedding

For Formal and romantic weddings, you will only need a two to three-color combination to make the occasion simple, yet elegant. A formal wedding with subtle colors is best to give focus to the ceremony.

Formal Wedding Colors

For romantic weddings, light and elusive colors make the bride and the groom the center of the occasion.

Romantic Wedding Colors

Tropical, Beach or Nautical Wedding

Choosing light and bubbly colors are best for any beach or tropical weddings.

Wedding colors for Beach Wedding

A two-color combination is best during beach weddings.

Bubbly Colors for Beach Wedding

Spring Wedding

For spring wedding, the key to choosing the right color combo is to capture the natural color of the blooming environment.

Spring Wedding Colors

Summer Wedding

Summer is another exciting time to have your wedding, but make sure that the colors match the warm weather.

Bright Colors for Summer Wedding

You can also consider bright, and eye catching colors for your summer wedding.

Summer Wedding Color Combinations

Autumn or Fall Wedding

Autumn can be one of the most romantic seasons that you can have your wedding and choosing darker, yet brighter colors bring out the beauty of the ceremony.

Wedding Colors for Autumn

Winter Wedding

During winter, your wedding color combos need to be more sophisticated. A black and white color combination highlights the color of the snow.

Black and White Winter Wedding Colors

Winter blues are also best during weddings in this season for a cooler atmosphere.

Winter Wedding Colors

Choosing the right wedding color combination helps you create a more memorable wedding experience. Whether you choose a popular wedding color or not, make sure that it fits your taste and theme.