What to Wear to a Winter Wedding as a Guest

Planning what to wear to a winter wedding as a guest  is such an overwhelming task. Your strapless dress might feels like freezing to death. Nonetheless, you certainly don’t want to be too covered up. It’s a wedding, not a funeral.

More explicitly, weddings are such a big event for people especially for girls. This has been putting so many girls into a dilemma of what to put on in such a special event. What to wear in a winter wedding? In spite of the fact that most weddings happen indoors, your selection for a wedding dress to wear definitely brings forth a striking effect in the event by and large.

what to wear to a winter wedding


Explicitly, there are two popular types of wedding; the formal and the semi-formal ones. Every category calls for a unique outfit. Therefore, your task is to determine what type of wedding you will be attending. How to do it? It is terribly easy folks!

First, talk to some guests concerning the venue and the setting of the wedding.  Second, look at the venue as indicated in the printed wedding invitation and save the date. You must understand that some to-be-wedded couples clearly emphasized dress codes for the guests to follow. In the absence of this aspect, you can heed for the next option. Go ahead and check it personally from the couple through asking them this matter.

winter wedding guest attire

Spending an extra effort on thinking what to wear to a winter wedding  as a guest saves you from the shameful experience of getting inappropriately dressed for a very grand event.

dress for winter wedding

Basically; a vibrant  and rich- colored wedding wear as a guest is perfect for formal winter weddings. A white- colored wedding dress (whether a full- length maxi or just a knee- length dress) is considerably a taboo in weddings since this is mostly used by brides. White is for brides only as they usually say it. Accordingly, dark shades add elegance and formality to the event. Wear a pantsuit in red, black or in blue to accentuate a winter feel. A fashionably smart coat fits well.

dress for winter wedding guest

Not just that, glamorous accessories spell out a wonderful finish to your formal winter wedding outfit. However, make sure to stay away from tiaras if you aren’t the bride. Beautiful accessories such as scarves, gloves and stylish hats are such a pretty idea for accessories.

dresses to wear to a winter wedding

Consider wearing a closed pair of elegant shoes rather than strappy sandals and open- toe shoes. Wavering and chilling feet is disappointing.

On the contrary, if you are planning to attend a casual winter wedding, a more playful colors and patterns in a pulsating color is perfect. To add some spice on your outfit, put on a simple cardigan. Moreover, put on a set of accessories that coordinates with your outfit. Bear in mind that the fashionable items or pieces that you are wearing definitely reflects the type of personality you have.

Figuring out what to wear to a winter wedding is such a demanding task. But, having these tips and advices in mind, being a stunning guest in a wedding (whether formal or not) is never tough.