Chocolate Pretzel Wreath

Chocolate Pretzel Wreath

We’ve talked many time before about our mom’s genius…here’s another one for ya 🙂 Alright, our mom is kind of obsessed with chocolate covered pretzels, and she often likes to give them out to people for Christmas. This year she took the cuteness factor up a notch by making these wreath pretzels! So cute!

what you need:
Melting chocolate
wax paper
A bottle (something to drizzle your chocolate over the pretzels)
and anything else you may want with it! M&M’s, gummy bears, chocolate molds even ribbon or bows to make it look cute!
Chocolate Pretzel Wreath ingredients
Lay your pretzels out in a circle on your wax paper…
pretzels out in a circle on your wax paper...

Melt your chocolate…

Melt your chocolate

Drizzle your chocolate over your “wreath” making sure to connect the edges with the chocolate. We wanted to do it in green to make it look more like a wreath but didn’t have any green chocolate, but I thought they were all still super adorable.

Drizzle your chocolate over your wreath
Get creative! We had a ton of different ones that everyone made, Janae even made a star out of the pretzel sticks! But they happened to get eaten before photos were taken, haha like I said, there are people in this house obsessed with chocolate covered pretzels. Janae will have to show you her awesome star sometime though.
 Get creative

aaaaand here’s a picture of the cake my mom put one on….just because it’s awesome.

picture of the cake


Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!