Easy Healthy Breakfasts

I’m a big fan of breakfasts, I really don’t understand people who don’t eat it, the second I wake up I think I’m hungry what can I eat. I used to eat the same breakfast everyday, egg and soldiers, I’d maybe have something different on a Sunday but I realised that I needed to change things up a bit and get some variety into my life! I tend to keep my breakfast between 200 – 400 calories, all these breakfasts keep me feeling full till lunchtime, they’re quick to make and delicious!

Egg and Soldiers – 388 calories

Easy Healthy Breakfasts
So I haven’t given it up completely. I still eat egg and soldiers a couple of times a week, I have two slices of nimble bread (it’s only 50 calories a slice), spread with a scraping of lurpak and two boiled eggs. I’ve also added no fat onken yoghurt and some frozen raspberries to my breakfast to get a bit more fruit in to my diet.

High Fibre Bran Cereal and Peanut Butter on Toast – 358 Calories

Easy Healthy Breakfasts idea

I’ve turned into a right peanut butter addict, it’s so delicious and in small quantities it’s good for you! I have one slice of nimble with a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter and a bowl of Sainsburys high fibre cereal (it’s better than the kellogs one) with milk. This breakfast really fills me up and you could add some fruit to the cereal if you wanted to get one of your five a day!
Scrambled Egg and Avocado on Toast with Fruit and Yoghurt – 394 Calories
Scrambled Egg and Avocado on Toast

The newest edition to my healthy breakfasts, I got some cheap avocados last week so I thought I’d give them a go for breakfast. They go so well with scrambled egg and it really filled me up, it’s definitely one I’ll be having again. I just made up the scrambled egg up with a little milk in the microwave to save time and washing up!

Mini Wheats with Fruit and Yoghurt – 297 Calories

Mini Wheats with Fruit and Yoghurt

This is my favourite breakfast at the moment, it take minutes to prepare and minutes to eat! Again the Sainsburys mini wheats are so much tastier than the branded option. You might be wondering about the fruit and yoghurt, I absolutely love it, I use this yoghurt, it’s low in calories, low in sugar and there’s no fat in it. I love the Sainsburys frozen fruit too, the raspberries are my favourite but they blueberries and cherries are good too!
Mushrooms on Toast with Fruit and Yoghurt – 249 Calories
Mushrooms on Toast with Fruit and Yoghurt

If I’ve got a little more time in the mornings I like to go for mushrooms on toast, I use about 100g sliced mushrooms, fry them in a teaspoon of olive oil and a load of black pepper. With all the juices from the mushrooms and oil you don’t need any butter on the toast and again I serve it with my beloved fruit and raspberries!

I always have a cup of green tea and a glass of water with my breakfast too.