Simple Vegan Sandwiches

i love a good sandwich. as a vegan (and even a vegetarian), it can be pretty tough to find a good sandwich out there in the big, scary world. if you don’t live in a vegan-friendly city, that is. your best bet, really, is to make your own.

Simple Vegan Sandwiches

lemon pepper hummus, sliced tomato, and fresh basil on the left; fresh avocado and sea salt on the right. both served on a rosemary roll.

i think about food a lot (which you may have noticed). and one thing i have longing, passionate, detailed thoughts about is a good vegan sandwich. it might be a tempeh reuben. it might be a grilled italian tofu and pesto panini. it might be piled high with vegetables, slathered with hummus, and spiced up with a micro-thin layer of dijon. or a mock duck banh mi from hard times, with kimchee and cilantro vegenaise. sometimes i’ll spend the last half of my work shift dreaming up the perfect sandwich for that day. i’ll scribble reminder notes. once i even made a diagram.

for all this talk about loving sandwiches, i hardly ever make them. we’re out of bread, i only have cabbage and kale and carrots as vegetables, i have no suitable spreads, the list goes on. as part of my quest to overcome the minnesota winter, i am dedicating myself to a weekly (at least!) sandwich creation(oh yes! creation).

Simple Vegan Sandwiche

i’ll talk bread (or wrap), vegetables, protein, spreads, techniques. what did i do? what could i do differently? how did it taste? can i turn it into party food? can i bring it on a picnic?  the usual, pretty much.  just with the desire for springtime injected into it.

Simple Vegan Sandwiches recipe

the sandwich featured in today’s post is simple, and includes one of my favorite sandwich ingredients: avocado. everytime i go through the produce department, i look at the price of avocados. i pay way too much regardless of the season, because it’s a coop, it’s organic, and i live in minnesota.  but on this particular day (last friday), the avocados were 60 cents cheaper apiece, and i felt 60 cents richer.  it had been a particularly long and hectic shift at work, and i wandered the store in a daze without purpose or direction, except to find things to consume.  i gathered a few tongfuls of bulk fresh basil, found the reddest roma in the bin (for this time of year), and let a container of lemon pepper hummus persuade me.  the result you’ve already seen above.

so what would i have done differently?  first: onion!  i couldn’t find any onions even though i was sure we had some.  thinly sliced red onion would have done me well.  or caramelized onion with a splash of balsamic vinegar.  which brings me to balsamic vinegar.  it could definitely have been incorporated in some way, even if it was just drizzled along with olive oil.  and the bread, though fresh, might have been even better toasted.  this sandwich still kicked some ass.  and i’d definitely bring it to a picnic in the springtime, as a party food.