Tofu sandwich: Vegan Banh mi

Tofu sandwich vegan banh miasian-marinated tofu, kimchi, cilantro-jalapeno vegenaise, and a mini baguette

as promised, my weekly sandwich post, although i fear this one might be a bit delayed. i promise i’ll do better!

banh mi is a traditional vietnamese sandwich influenced, as the baguette would suggest, by french country sandwiches. there are many incarnations, but they all generally consist of a baguette, pickled vegetables, and a protein (usually tofu or seitan when you speak vegan). i’ve only ever had it with seitan, but since i had some tofu i needed to use up, that’s what i used.

i didn’t use a recipe either, so this is pretty informal, but a brief photo essay follows. and you’re gonna need a napkin for this party; here’s me (in my pasty winter glory) and mine:

(Tofu sandwich vegan banh mi ) vegan banh mi

first off, you’ll want to start with a nice crusty piece of bread. i used half of a mini baguette, but i’m sure any crispy, chewy bread will do. cut it in half

.Tofu sandwich

then spread, minimally, some vegenaise or earth balance on each half. i added a few tablespoons of chopped cilantro and minced jalapenos to my vegenaise for an extra kick. i didn’t measure anything too exactly, just starting with a little and adding more to suit my taste. sometimes i find vegenaise a little too powerful on its own, so any excuse to mix it together with something else is pretty much the only way you’ll see me eating it.

(Tofu sandwic vegan banh mi )

next, spoon some kimchi on the bottom half of your baguette. one day i hope to make my own, but for now i’m using some i got from work. kimchi is a deliciously spicy pickled mix of vegetables, usually with carrots, daikon, and cabbage, and sometimes additions or subtractions to that. try to strain off some liquid if you can, or it may become a leaky sandwich! (hence the napkin warning)

finally, pile some seitan or tofu on top of the kimchi, preferably with some asian-style flavoring. i baked off some vwav asian-marinated tofu, which is gingery and delicious, but some mock duck aka seitan is also a good way to get your protein serving!

vegan banh mi (Tofu sandwich

then place the other piece of bread on top, press it down a little, open your mouth, and insert. use your plate to catch escapee ingredients, a fork on hand for what falls onto your plate, and your last piece of bread to soak up any kimchi-vegenaise sauce . delicious!