7 Easy Steps To Improve Your Posture



If you really want to improve your posture and total fitness this 2014, you would have to follow certain steps in order for you to succeed.  Here are some of those steps that are very important when it comes to ensuring that you will be able to stand up straight for the rest of your life.  If you are able to do these things, you will surely succeed in any other endeavour that you may want to embark on in the future.

  1. Strengthen Your Core

In order for you to succeed in achieving the perfect posture, you have to strengthen your core first.  You have to strengthen your lower back as well as your obliques and abdominals.  This way, you will be able to stand up straight without any difficulty in the process.  Some of the exercises that you can do are sit-ups or crunches to tone your abdominal muscles as fast as possible.

  1. Focus On Your Back

The next part of your body that you need to focus on would be the shoulders and your upper back.  This will further support your straight posture without having to bend your spine that can cause slouching.  Some of exercises that you can do for this specific type of strengthening activity would be push ups, rowing exercises as well as pull ups.

  1. Exercise Your Shoulders

Shoulder raises can also help improve your posture.  To do this, you should stand in a comfortable position and as you inhale, raise your shoulders up to your ears.  Exhale, while putting your shoulders down and moving them together.

  1. Stand Against The Wall

If you had been slouching most of your life, the best way for you to improve your posture is to stand against the wall.  This will allow you to feel what good posture is or could be.  By standing against the wall, you will be able to have a basis for posture whenever you sit down or stand up on your own.  This way, you will never slouch again.

  1. Finding The Perfect Sleeping Position

Having the perfect sleeping position will allow you to strengthen your posture by aligning your spine even as you rest your body.  In order to do this, you should sleep with one arm laying straight on your side or lying on your back.  Try not to sleep in the fetal position or sideways because it will affect your neck and shoulder muscles making them stiff.

  1. Back Stretches

Stretching your back is one way for you to improve your posture effectively.  You can do this by putting your hands and knees on the floor.  Make sure that your hips are aligned with your knees as you do this.  Then flex your spine in while pushing your tailbone out.  As you do this, or raise your head above the ceiling. After this, breathe out, tuck your chin in along with your tailbone and flex your spine outward.

  1. The Benefits Of Yoga

Practicing yoga will help improve your flexibility which can help improve your posture as well.  With this in mind, you should practice this activity two to three times a week to get optimal results.

With these steps, you will surely improve your flexibility as well as your overall posture and physical fitness in the fastest time possible.