Natural cold remedy drink – Anti-Cold Cocktail That Work

Natural cold remedy drink - Anti-Cold Cocktail That Work

Stay healthy through the flu season!  Have a smoothie a day!  Here is one of our favorites:
1 cup Golden honeydew, cut 1″ chunks
1 cup Pineapple, cut in 1″ chunks
2 clementines, peeled
2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds for extra antioxidant boost!
1 cup ice cubes
Blend until smooth.  Enjoy immediately.

Natural cold remedy drik

My little family and I are all just getting better from our first (and I hope the last) colds of the season, along with just about everyone we know.   Whenever I have a cold, it reminds me how good it feels to be healthy, and how badly I want to STAY healthy, and that’s why I am so gung-ho about eating healthy.  However, no matter how healthy we eat, we all still get sick once in a while.  I have a sick remedy ritual I do with my family when we have colds/flu so we can get over it FAST, sleep good at night, and not suffer as much from the symptoms.

Here’s our ritual, which can be changed many different ways.  Try different things and see what works best for your family.


We usually have smoothies every day, but especially when we are sick (recipe above)
Echinacea (immune support)
Vitamin C (immune support + antioxidant)
Grape seed extract or another STRONG antioxidant (antioxidant)
Natural cold remedy drink - Anti-Cold Cocktail

Children 1 year and older:

Herbs for Kids Elderberry Syrup (Soothes irritated throats and supports respiration)
All natural Cough & Cold for kids (cold symptoms)

cold remedy drink
(*Our pediatrician is aware of the things my children take.  It’s a good idea to let your doctor know what you kids are taking.)  All the bottles have directions on how much to take and honestly, I think it’s too much for your body.  My husband likes to ignore his wife follow the directions on the bottle and he usually ends up with a stomach ache.  So what I do for me and the girls is take herbs once a day.  Thats it.  One pill once a day, or if it’s a liquid, one serving, just for that extra immune support.  Sometimes if they seem like they need more, I will do twice a day for a 1 or 2 days.

I feel comfortable giving my family these natural remedies and they get relief they need.   I rarely have to give them other drugs and pain relievers when they are sick because the herbs do the job in helping them feel better, especially at night, which makes for a better sleep for them and me (which is MUCH NEEDED!)  🙂

  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, yes, we need to use the strong medications, which I amextremely thankful to have access to.  I found this page in a Prevention magazine while we all had our coughs.  It made me ask myself, “Am I taking/giving the right kinds of medicines for the right kinds of symptoms?”  I found it very useful.  
cold remedy drink - Anti-Cold Cocktail
I hope you all stay happy and healthy throughout the holidays and winter season!  What are your favorite herbs/natural remedies?  I would love to know!