Felt Flower Garland Tutorial

Felt Flower Garland TutorialSo we’ve talked before about how crafty our mom is right? She has been the inspiration for a ton of our ideas. So my mom started this super adorable flower garland last Christmas. But she didn’t finish it because she went to the store and didn’t want to spend .5-.25 cents on every button.
In the words of my dad, “If you haven’t got the money, use the money you have.” So she did. She used the actual pennies.
Felt Flower Garland
So you make your flower by cutting out circles, folding them in half, and stitch through the bottom. Then sew 6 petals together.
make your flower by cutting out circles
To make the penny button, cut out a circle that overlaps to cover the front and back of the penny.
make the penny button
Zig zap along the circle with a needle and thread all the way around.
Hang a thred
Pull it tight, thread it through opposite sides to secure, and tight a knot.
Sew it
You can either sew it or hot glue it to your original flower.
Glue it
And there you have it. The penny button that literally costs a penny!
Beautiful Flower
My mom, dad, Janae, and I were laughing hysterically while I was making this post. Got to love late night crafting and blogging with the family.
Thank you to my mom for being super crafty, and my dad for inspiring affordable crafts. 🙂