Affordable and Fabulous Gifts for New Mom

Every new mother deserves to be pampered, that’s why there are a lot of adorable gifts for new mom. Through the gifts that the new mother receives, she will feel appreciated. Carrying the baby for more or less 9 months is not an easy job, and great gifts for new moms are a simple way to give her attention. There are a lot of new mom gifts, but don’t just pick one off the shelf without thinking about it. You want to make a new mother happier through this gift, so make sure to pick one that she will truly appreciate. Here are some new mom gift ideas that you can use.

How can a baby notepad be of help to a new mother? This notepad can help track the baby’s progress as he or she grows up. The new mom can write down baby’s first syllable, baby’s first solid food, etcetera.

Baby Blog Mommy Gift


A diaper bag is one of the most useful gifts for new moms. The baby’s diaper bag does not have to be bulky and unfashionable. New moms nowadays would choose fashionable, gorgeous bags, and a lot of diaper bags are like that.

Gift Fashionable Diaper Bag


If you want old school gifts for new moms, you can choose to give a scrapbook to her. Give her a hobby that she can look forward to.

Scrapbook Mother Gift Idea


One of the most generous gifts for a new mom that you can give is a digital camera. Cameras nowadays are already a need. Having a new baby in the family is one big reason to have a camera – to capture every moment and make it a lasting memory.

Digital Camera Gift Moms


A magazine subscription is an affordable gift, yet it lasts for 6 months or 1 year, depending on your choice.

Magazine Subscription Gift Mommies


A massage is a special treat that you can give to a new mom. The stress that she may be experiencing may be relieved by a trip to the massage salon.

Massage Gift for Moms


Another treat that you can give is a trip to the nail spa. Mommies may not have been able to pay special attention to their toes when they were still pregnant, so give those footsies a treat.

Nail Spa Gift Idea


A bathrobe may not top your list on the gifts that you will give to a new mom. But believe it or not, a bathrobe is cozy piece of clothing new mommies will appreciate.

Pink Bathrobe Nice Gift


Give the new couple a treat to a restaurant with a gift certificate or a gift card.

Restaurant Gift Card Idea


Lastly, to take off even a small amount of stress from a new mom, you can give her a gift certificate for a cleaning service. Her home deserves a treat too, and this is one of the gifts for new mom that can perfectly do the job.

Cleaning Service Gift Idea