Easy Diy Baby Sling

Easy Diy Baby Sling
My little 1 year old, who used to hate to cuddle, be held, or anything has now decided he needs to be attached to hip. I basically can’t get anything done with him following me around crying to be held, sound familiar to anyone???? Well, Jamie and I had traded baby slings a long time ago because I loved the one she had and she was looking for something different. Sad part is this little guy is a bit too big for the sling I got from Jamie. So, I made a slightly bigger one and it seriously took seconds.
I have to warn you though, when it comes to sewing I’ve never followed a pattern. I just kind of do whatever…. sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. This time it just so happened to work out:)
For this project I used a yard of fabric and found it easier to work with it inside out. On the sling I had from Jamie I always kind of felt like I had to much fabric on my shoulder, so I cut the fabric so the part that slings over the shoulder is slimmer. baby sling
When you unfold it, it looks slightly like a giant diaper haha. I doubled the fabric so I could just sew together the edges and pull it right side out (kind of like a weird shaped pillow case). That way I didn’t have to worry about hemming it. Last I pulled it right side out and sewed the bottom together.
Make a baby sling
Now, my little guy is happy and I can a lot more accomplished. It’s a win win!!!
I know these are super vague and probably confusing instructions, but maybe it’ll inspire and idea of your own.
Have a beautiful day!