Tips for Choosing Maternity Dresses for Special Occasions

Being pregnant is perhaps one of the loveliest, most memorable experiences that a woman will have for the rest of her life. There’s just so much joy in expecting to have a baby that the eagerness and excitement is felt not only by the expectant mom but by the whole family as well. However, there are some issues that make pregnancy a little difficult on some women like morning sickness, stretch marks, nausea and, of course, not being able to fit into clothes anymore. It’s can be especially frustrating if you’re looking for maternity dresses for special occasions because that bump in front of you may just hinder you from wearing whatever you want.

The secret to finding the perfect maternity dress is to manage your expectations of what you will look like when you have the dress on. The dresses that fit you now may not be as flattering to your assets like the ones you used to wear when you weren’t pregnant yet. So, knowing and accepting that fact will help you accept and appreciate more maternity dresses later.

Sexy red haltered maternity dress — perfect for a mid-afternoon special occasion

Red beach maternity dress

A printed jersey maternity dress is perfect for any event during the summer

printed jersey maxi dress

First thing you want to consider when choosing maternity dresses for special occasions is comfort. When you’re pregnant, your hormones tend to act up and make you feel cooler or warmer than usual. So, when you’re choosing a maternity dress for special occasions on warm days, look for one that’s made of breathable fabric like jersey or cotton. On the other hand, when you’re looking for maternity dresses for colder days, try to look for those made with slightly thicker fabric like polyester. It’s also always a good idea to bring along a scarf, shawl or a cardigan for when the day gets windy.

Elegant maternity dress

elegant maternity dress

Next thing to consider is the length of the maternity dress you’re going to wear. The last thing you’ll want to happen on yourself is to trip by stepping on your own dress and fall on your baby bump so avoid floor length dresses. If the event requires you to wear a long gown, the maximum length you should go for is up to the ankle.

If you can’t avoid floor length dresses, be sure to walk very carefully so you don’t end up falling on your bump

white maternity gown

Sexy zebra print body-con maternity dress

zebra print maternity dress

Go for cuts that will flatter your bump. Empire-cute dresses are perfect they’re cinched just right below your breast. Research on what styles of dresses will let you accommodate your growing belly. Baby doll dresses are also great for the first and second trimester when you’re belly isn’t that big yet.

Cute baby doll maternity dresses make you look very chic even when pregnant

baby doll maternity dress

Lace empire cut maternity dress

lace maternity dress

Don’t buy dresses that will hinder you from wearing maternity bras. Maternity bras are often designed like camis and rarely come strapless but they’re important because they allow development of milk ducts which will be essential for breastfeeding. They also accommodate your ever-growing breasts and give you a lot of comfort. However, if you must wear clothes that require you to wear a strapless bra, make sure you give your breasts proper support.

Remain sexy and chic with your own little black maternity dress

little black maternity dress

Lastly, be practical. Don’t go around buying expensive maternity dresses that you’ll be able to use just for one occasion. Instead, buy those that you will be able to use throughout your pregnancy or those that will grow with you and your tummy.

Pretty pink maternity dress

pink maternity dress

Beautiful gray maternity dress with beaded details

beaded neckline maternity dress