Parenting 101: 5 Important Things That You Can Never Teach Your Child about Life


As a parent, it is our duty to teach our children everything we know about the world.  However no matter how hard we try, parenting cannot teach a child everything that he needs to know.  Sometimes, we have to leave the situation alone and let life teach the lessons that our children need to learn on their own.  Here are some significant life lessons and other things that parents can never teach a child easily on their own.

  1. Romantic Relationships

First, you can never teach your child whom to love.  You can only tell him or her, what qualities to look for in a man or woman as a partner.  Ultimately, he will be the one to decide which one to choose in the end.  If you try to interfere with your children’s decisions, you will only be asking for trouble as a parent.

  1. Handling Pain

You can never directly teach your child how to handle pain.  Neither can you protect him or her from the dangers of the real world.  There will come a point where you would have to let go of your children and when that time happens, you will not be there anymore to guide them and shield them from the suffering that will eventually come their way.  In this case, experience would be the best teacher.

  1. Decision-making

Another thing that you can never do for your child in life is to make his decisions for him.  The choices that he makes in life should be his own.  As parents, we can only show our children options and possible outcomes of their decisions,  but the final decision should always be in their hands.

  1. Personal Identity

You can also not dictate your child’s identity.  He should be the one to discover it on his own..  Parenting is not about imposing what we want on our children but making sure that we are able rear them properly so that they can grow up to be the good people that we know they are in the future.

  1. Discovering and Developing His Potential

As parents, it is our duty to help the child live up to his or her potential.  You cannot do that if you impose what you want onto your child.  You will just end up making the child rebel which can lead to a lot of pain not only for him but for yourself as well.  This being said, it is up to the child to discover his or her potentials and further develop them in the years to come.

These are just some of the many things that you have to let your child discover through his own skills.  As mentioned earlier, we as parents should only be there to guide our children in making the right decisions that can lead to a better future not only for him but for his own family as well.  That is what good parenting is all about.  The best way to help your child become who he needs to be is to lead by example.