Unique and Beautiful Maternity Picture Ideas

For the moms and dads to be, it’s probably a great idea to search for various maternity picture ideas before the big day. Pregnancy is one of the greatest wonders in the life of a woman. Every moment should be cherished, and one of the best ways to make a memory out of it is maternity pictures. Pregnancy photography can be done by maternity photographers, but the choice on maternity picture ideas is yours. Here are some professional pregnancy pictures that pregnant women will surely love.

It would be very beautiful to include the father of the child in the picture. This picture shows the anticipation and the love of the dad for the child that is yet to be born.

Dad Kissing Belly Photoshoot


If the mother to be has a daring side, this is one idea that can be done. There are a lot of choices for maternity picture clothing ideas, and going for unique ones can have a good impression to the whole package.

Gorgeous Preggy Photo Shoot


This maternity photography idea is probably common, but it does not grow old.

Heart on Belly Photo


Photographs of pregnant mothers need not be serious all the time. Put some humor by including dad in the picture and creating a funny scene out of it.

Mom and Dad Photography


One of the perfect photos that a pregnant woman can have is an outdoor scene. This mother to be is enjoying the sun for her and the life inside her.

Ocean Maternity Photo Shoot


Be a bit playful with photographs. Here is an example of a simple theme, and yet, the rubber ducky adds a twist to it.

Rubber Ducky Preggy Shoot


This is a sweet photo where the sister of the baby is included in the maternity photograph.

Sister and Mom Photoshoot


This is another photo where the sister is included in the theme. The sister playfully paints the mommy’s belly.

Sister Painting Moms Belly

Celebrities also have a lot of maternity photographs, proudly showing their baby bumps.

Jenni St. John partly shows her round belly with her “morning after” look. This is one laid-back theme that requires little effort.

Jenni St. John Pregnant


Mariah Carey poses daringly for the cover of a magazine. There are also women who have done topless maternity pictures in different conservative poses.

Mariah Carey Magazine Cover

Having a baby is a joy for both of the parents. Maternity photographs are one of the things that parents can do to capture the moment of the time when the baby is still inside the mom’s tummy. There are a lot of maternity picture ideas, and choosing the right one is a choice that both the mother and the father should do.