When to return to work after giving birth?

When to return to work after giving birthHaving a baby can be one of the most difficult but rewarding times in any woman’s life especially if it is your first baby. Your life is full of questions, are you doing it right, will you harm the baby, what ifs. It feels like everyone is judging how you deal with the baby and treat the child in certain situations. You often find everyone has an opinion on when you should start feeding your child solids, when you should potty train the child and when you should return to work if you should put your child in to childcare.

That is one of the main concerns that face women after having a baby, when they should return to work. In this area there are a number of pressures, there are those who feel that once women have a baby they should stay at home until the child is at least at school in order to produce a feeling of being loved in the child. This group of people feel that the best place for children to grow and develop are in a loving home environment, being cared for and educated by its mother. But while many women would like the opportunity to do this unfortunately for many financial pressures which mean they cannot.

Other groups take the view that children flourish in a stimulating environment and as such they should be put in to a nursery or other care giving environment as soon as possible. While this may be the case for some children, this really depends upon the home environment. But it cannot be denied that certain children really do flourish if they are able to socialise, it helps them in later life as they are more confident and comfortable in social situations.

For most mothers the question of when to return to work really depends upon how they feel, how soon they feel comfortable with leaving their child and perhaps most pressingly their financial situation. For this question there is no definitive answer and depends upon their own situation.