Aelida - Part 233


Peasant Blouse

Basically peasant blouse are known as traditional type of garments since this style existed way back year 1960. This is the style keep untouched but modified by any
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Peasant dress

 Classic as it should, the Peasant dress always be. The only fashion you can’t frown on.  Your natural beauty is being presented with this type of attire. A
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Stylish Cheetah print dress

Attractive  style of  cheetah  print dress. Very often, we search for something unusual or irregular fashion. There are many printing option in the fashion world now. People want
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Lace Dresses

Lace dresses are almost always fashionable and timely. Whatever the occasion is, there surely will be a lace dress that can match-up to it. The beauty of lace
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Royal Blue Dresses

 Beauty is not permanent; it is defined. Elegance on the other side spells beauty. Want to look beautiful and elegant? Wear royal blue dress. Royal blue dresses whether
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Short Haircuts for Women

Short haircuts for women:Making a fresh start or trying something new for a change is what short haircuts mean for women. A mere “Fashion statement” for someone who
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