6 Amazing Places to visit in California

A tourist guide for places to visit in California

Located in the American West Coast is the sunny state of California, famous for its pristine beaches, showbiz studios and wonderful theme parks. If you’re thinking about visiting California, then here are the places you need to visit while in the state.

Places to visit in Southern California :


hollywood boulevard at night

Los Angeles, California, known as the studio center of American TV shows and films, is famous for its bustling stop that is Hollywood. Apart from the iconic Hollywood sign, here you can see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the Hollywood Bowl.


disneyland california

Known as the ‘happiest place on earth,’ Disneyland is the perfect tourist destination for kids and adults alike. Located in Anaheim, Disneyland is a humongous theme park where your kids can enjoy rides such as Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom, to name a few. Adult visitors will love Downtown Disney, where they can dine and shop for the entire day!

Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

This famous suspension bridge is one of the best-known landmarks of California. Spanning over 4000 feet, the Golden Gate Bridge serves as the connecting path between Marin County and San Francisco. Apart from being the largest suspension bridge in the world, a visit to Golden Gate Bridge will give you fantastic views of the bayside.

Big Sur.

big sur california

California is a famous place for avid beachgoers. After all, it’s home to the Big Sur, where you can take a dip in fabulous beaches. Apart from the crystal clear waters, Big Sur is the hub of picturesque environmental sceneries such as the Ventana Forest, Santa Lucia Mountains, and Andrew Molera State Park. Adventurous tourists will definitely love the environmental gems of Big Sur.

Places to visit in Northern  California

Lake Tahoe.

lake tahoe

Famous as California’s vacation hub, Lake Tahoe is home to blue-water beaches, golf courses and casinos. Here you can swim, dine, eat, shop, and take a swing or too. With its many destinations, Lake Tahoe is the perfect vacation spot for the whole family.

Ski resorts.

ski resort -lake-tahoe

Although it’s known as a sunny state, California is actually home to the best ski resorts in the world. Mt. Shasta, the San Bernardino Mountains, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range are the best destinations for skiers and snowboarders who want snow-laced pathways like no other.

California is brimming with many tourist destinations which can bring enjoyment to people of all shapes and sizes. If ever you’re in California, don’t forget to visit these famous stops.