Places to visit in Washington State

Tourist destinations to visit in Washington State

The state of Washington is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. It boasts of modern cityscapes and well-preserved environmental jewels. If you’re up for sightseeing or a fun vacation, then here are the places you need to visit in Washington state.


skyline Seattle

Also known as the “Emerald City,” Seattle boasts of many tourists destinations. One is the marvelous Space Needle, which is located in the Seattle center. For a feel of historic Seattle, drop by the Pioneer Square district, where you can come across quaint galleries and shops. Pike Place Market and the International District are some of the must-visit places for shopping enthusiasts.

Mount St. Helens

mount St.Helens



Mount St. Helens woke up from her sleep and treated audiences to a spectacular lava show in May 1980. Now, this sleeping giant now belongs to a National Volcanic Monument where visitors can enjoy the sight of its lovely crater. For the best view, hike by the Spirit Lake and climb the Windy Ridge. You can also enjoy the view at the Visitor Center located near Castle Rock. There’s also a closer Visitor Center near Coldwater ridge.

Mount Rainier

mount  Rainier

Located in Puget Sound, Mount Rainier is a beautiful peak which lines the skies of Washington state. To reach this lovely summit you can trek through the trails that lead to Rainier’s paramounts. You will also enjoy the alpine meadows, mountain streams and snow fields of the National Park.

Olympic National Park


If you’re up for an adventure, then you should not miss the Olympic National Park. Trails lead to the peak of glacier-covered Mt. Olympus, while some can bring you to the beautiful forests beaming with river valleys, wildflower gardens, and alpine meadows. Behold the beauty of the Strait of Juan de Fuca coastline by climbing the Hurricane Ridge.

Snoqualmie Waterfalls


The 286-feet Snoqualmie Waterfalls is truly a sight to behold. A result of the melting snow of the Cascade mountains, Snoqualmie is the picture-perfect place for visitors who appreciate the beauty of nature.

San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands

If you want a romantic getaway, then hop aboard a cruise ride to the majestic San Juan Islands. Located near Canada’s Vancouver Island, San Juan consists of four main isles: Shaw, Lopez, Orcaz, and San Juan. Apart from reaching the islands by a ferry ride, you can also hire a private plane to take you the remote yet romantic islands of San Juan, where you can watch whales and drink champagne with the sunset as your backdrop.