10 Wearable Ways to Wear Yellow

Step away, blacks and grays, spring has sprung and yellow is here to stay! Well, until the cold seasons come again, that is. But even then, yellow is a color that we definitely should use and see more of. It’s such a fun and cheery color that somehow instantly lifts and brightens up your mood and it’s definitely and easily blendable with other colors, too. On its own, though, yellow can be a little overwhelming. This color, when worn on the wrong item in the wrong way, can go from tasteful to tacky. If you’re looking for wearable ways to wear yellow, check out our ideas below. We’ve compiled 10 ways that you can wear yellow and look cute and stylish.

  • Put on a pair of yellow pants – jeans today aren’t just denim anymore. They come in more fun colors and this makes putting together an outfit so much more fun. Wear yellow pants with your regular day to day outfits to change your look up a little bit.


  • Wear yellow shoes – add in a nice surprise at the end of your outfit by finishing it off with yellow shoes. They’re fun, they’re bright but they’re not too bold and in your face. It’s perfect if you just want a nice hint of the color in your overall look.


  • Don on a yellow cardigan – need something quick and easy to liven up a neutral outfit? Don on a yellow cardigan and you’re good to go!


  • Put a yellow belt around your waist – a yellow belt is a great way to break the monotony of a dark outfit or to just give color to a look that needs it.


  • Throw on a yellow coat – get ready for some serious spring showers this season! Don’t be wet and cold, throw on a yellow coat on days when the weather is expected to get a little gloomy. It’ll keep you warm and cheer you up at the same time!


  • Yellow eye shadow – not too many women like the idea of sweeping yellow shadow on their lids but if you think you’re the right skin color for it then, hey, why not give it a try? Go for sheer shadows if you plan on wearing this in the daytime and build the color up as you go into the night.

eye makeup

  • Paint your nails yellow – another cute but subtle way to wear this vivid color is to paint your nails with it. Go for a plain stunning yellow polish and use it on its own or as a base for a really nice nail art design. Be careful with yellow nail polish, though. It has to go on nice and smooth for a pretty finish. Otherwise, it’ll just look tacky.


  • Adorn your neck with a yellow statement necklace – need something to perk your outfit up? A big, chunky piece of yellow statement necklace should do the trick for you. Wear it against a dark top so the color shines through or against a top in a color that creates wonderful contrast with yellow to really bring out its brightness.


  • Carry a yellow purse – you know how the ‘Mother’ in the TV series How I Met Your Mother always had a yellow umbrella with her? You could do the same, except you should carry a yellow purse because 1) you don’t always really need an umbrella and 2) a purse is more functional for everyday use.


  • Wear a yellow dress – spread a little bit of sunshine wherever you go. A yellow dress is always worth a second look, especially a stylish one. Walk around town in a yellow dress and light up a gloomy day for the people you walk past by.