5 Cool Hair Color Ideas to Try Out

People color their hair for several reasons. There are those who color their hair because what was once shiny and vibrant is now turning dull and gray. There are also those who color their hair because they find their natural hair color boring or too common. Some people color their hair for parties and events where they have to dress up in costumes and some people color their hair just to experiment and have some fun. Here are some cool hair color ideas that you can try out the next time you get bored with your current hair color.

  • Blonde Angel – look heavenly and angelic with super soft and luscious looking shiny blonde hair. Blonde may  be a common hair color but you can’t deny the fact that it is also one of the prettiest. There’s just something about blonde hair that makes a woman look so sexy and chic.

pale blondewhite blonde hair

  • Bubble Gum Princess – if you want something cool, edgy but still girly, go for silky pink hair. Channel America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18’s Winner Sophie Sumner’s dainty feminine but kick-ass look with a pretty pink bob and feel gorgeous like a model yourself.

pink hair

silky pink

  • Cotton candy hair –  make your hair look delectably delicious like cotton candy by dying it several different light or pastel colors. The soft, colorful look of your hair will make it difficult for other people to resist looking and touching. If you’ve got dark hair, you may need to bleach it first to make it look softer with the light colors.

cotton candy hairflufffy cotton candy hair

  • Raging red – red just has got to be the sexiest color. Women love to wear red. Red nails, red shoes, red dress, red purse, you name it, most women will have it. Why not take your love for red to a whole new level by coloring your hair in red? This look is so edgy and cool, everyone is sure to envy your flaming tresses.

red hairdeep dark red

  • Ooh La La Orange – not too impressed with red? Why not try something brighter and bolder like orange? This is the perfect hair color if you’ve got a light complexion to match it with. You don’t see orange hair every so often in an everyday setting so if you want something extraordinary, this is your best bet.

orange hairbraided orange hair

These are just some of the cool hair color ideas we thought you would find awesome. Feel free to color your hair whatever color you want but do try not to do it very often because frequent coloring of  your hair can lead to damages.