5 Ways to Wear White Post-Labor Day

So Labor Day is over and it’s back to reality for the most of us but before that, let’s talk fashion, shall we? Back in the day, anything white was shoved to the back of the closet after Labor Day but that’s not how it is today anymore and, to be honest, we can’t be happier about that. I mean, why restrict yourself to wearing white? It’s such a lovely light and neutral color that’s so easy to wear. And I bet most of you don’t even know the reason behind this ‘rule’ so why not break it? After all, breaking fashion rules have been proven to do us some good. Here are some ideas on ways to wear white post-Labor Day.

  • White suit – we know the first thing that people have to deal with after post Labor Day is going back to work so why not stretch the feel of Labor Day weekend and wear a white suit to work? It may seem a bit much at first but it’s actually really chic. Going white from head to toe in a suit may just be the best fashion move you make for your work wardrobe. A white suit would also be great for a summer wedding that you might be attending later this year or even as an alternative to the usual evening dress you wear for fancy parties.

miley cyrus white suit red carpet outfit shorts suit white white suit outfit

chic white suit

  • Mesh dress – mesh is such a tricky fabric to wear because with even the tiniest mistake, you have the tendency to go overboard with showing some skin in it. One way to safely wear mesh and make it look classy, though, is to wear it in white. White always gives you more room for going sexier with your outfits so it’s one of the safest colors to go for when it comes to tricky fabrics like mesh.

mesh dress overlay mesh overlay dress mesh panel white dress summer mesh dress

  • Coat – gearing up for fall? Lighten up your usual dark fall look by wearing a white coat on top of any outfit. This will give you that crisp, clean and classy look even when you’re just wearing something plain and simple underneath.

black outfit white coat girly pea coat winter white coat

  • White leather – leather is such a great fabric to wear during the cold season and I’m pretty sure everyone has at least one leather item in their closet come fall time so if you’re the kind who likes to look unique, black leather pieces may have already been crossed off from your list. Stand out by wearing white leather instead.

belted white leather jacket white leather moto jacket tom ford white leather jacket

  • Jeans – sick of your regular blue jeans? Step into the light and go with a pair of whites! White jeans are perfect for summer but they make great fall bottoms as well. It’s the perfect item to reach for if you want something easy and simple that can go with any look, from street style to casual to dressy and everything else in between. It’s also a great piece that’s sure to go well with any tricky top.

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