6 Things You Didn’t Know about Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been all over the news these past few months because of her seemingly rebellious and radical comeback. Miley, who’s claim to fame was her lead role playing Hannah Montana, has gone from being the sweet and adorable kid to the booty-twerking, tongue-blazing woman she is today. With all the media attention she gets today coupled with a few negative and harsh publicity, it would be refreshing to discover new facts about Miley. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Miley Cyrus.

  • Miley Cyrus WAS not her real name – the singer was born Destiny Hope Cyrus to famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Jean Tish. She was nicknamed ‘Smiley’ because, as a kid, she was always smiling. Later on, though, it was shortened to Miley and this was the name she was popularly known for. Finally, in 2008, Miley ;ega;;y changed her name from Destiny Hope to Miley Ray to suit her stage name.

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  • She had a crush on Jesse McCartney – when Miley was younger, she wrote over 150 of her own compositions including one that she specifically wrote for Jesse McCartney – her teen crush who’s six years older than her. When McCartney guested on Miley’s show, Miley proudly sang the song she wrote for him (to sort of woo him) and McCartney said he found the gesture ‘cute’.

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  • Hannah Montana’s alter ego was renamed after her – Miley was not really the first choice for the lead role in Disney’s Hannah Montana; nor did she audition for it. She originally auditioned to be Lily, Hannah Montana’s best friend. Producers encouraged her to audition for the lead role, though, but initially though she was too small and too young for the role. Because of her acting skills, however, they later adjusted the role to fit her and they renamed Hannah Montana’s alter ego from Chloe to Miley just for her.

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  • She used to have her own ‘show’ on YouTube – just like many other teens today wanting to be stars, Miley also uploaded videos of herself on YouTube. She shared this ‘show’ with her friend Mandy Jiroux and they mostly uploaded videos of them hanging out in her room, dancing and goofing around. They uploaded about 30 videos, all of which they edited themselves, before they shut their YouTube channel down.

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  • She’s an animal lover – we’re not just talking about petting-animals-and-going-awww-when-she-sees-one kind of animal lover. Miley has actually already adopted five dogs as of May 2012. According to sources, Miley has attempted to go on an all out vegan lifestyle as well but it seems like the drastic change is not something her system is completely comfy with. She said she would have loved to turn vegan but she just can’t help her cravings for chicken and beef.

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  • Most of her popular songs were not meant for her – despite being very talented and being able to write her own songs, Miley has Dr. Luke to thank for some of her most popular songs like We Can’t Stop and Party in the USA. These two songs, though, were not originally meant for her but for Rihanna and Jessie J. respectively.

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