7 Signs That Can Reveal Gay Boyfriend


Have you ever had the feeling that your boyfriend may be batting for the other team but you’re not too sure about it?  Then this is the article that you should read.  We will try to show you some of the various clues that you can look for which can tell you if your boyfriend likes boys more than girls.

  1. Likes Going To The Gym Way Too Much

First off, if he likes going to the gym and yet don’t have significant muscular development, then you may have something to worry about.  It may be that your boyfriend likes to look at other men who love to work out at the gym more than working on his muscles.

  1. Not Fond Of Doing Guy Things As Much As Other Men

Secondly, if he does not really like to do guy things, it may be that he likes to occupy himself with more feminine activities.  Usually, guys like to spend some time playing basketball with their friends or have drinks with his buddies, but if he would rather chat with his female friends or spend time at the mall shopping, then maybe you have a problem.

  1. If Your Boyfriend Is More Stylish Than You

Here is another clue.  If he is more stylish than you, it might be a sure sign that he loves boys more.  Having a great fashion sense is one thing but if he knows more about fashion week than you do, then something fishy might be going on.

  1. Worshiping His Idol

Another sign that your boyfriend might be gay would be his inclination to listen to Beyonce or any other female singer more than other artists.  Yes, granting that he finds her hot, Beyonce being the object of his fantasy is starkly different from fantasizing about being the singer herself.  It would pay for you to be sensitive about the small things that he his idol.

  1. Avoids Religion At All Costs

If he avoids talking about religion, this may be a sign that he has different inclinations.  As we all know, most religions frown upon homosexuality.  This may be a reason why he would rather not talk about his beliefs with you or with other people for that matter.

  1. Being Way Too Religious And Is Extremely Uncomfortable With The Third Sex

If he is being too religious or is extremely uncomfortable with your gay friends, then maybe he’s trying to cover something up.  A man who is secure with his sexuality will not go out of its fleet to avoid the third sex.  He would just leave them be and just not make a big deal out of it.

  1. He Tries Too Hard To Be Perfect

Also, if he’s trying too hard to be the perfect boyfriend for you, he may have something to hide.  If this is the case, it would be best to just let him come to you.  If you try to confront him now he will just deny it and possibly turn the tables on you.

These are just some of the many things that can tell you if your boyfriend is gay or not.  If you happen to confirm it down the line, I suggest that you ask yourself what you want to do.  Do you want to stay with him and possibly work it out?  Or would you rather stay away from him for a time?  Either way, it’s your decision to make.