Achieving Smokey Eyes Makeup Just Like a Pro

Achieving Smokey Eyes Makeup Just Like a Pro
Smokey eyes makeup is just what you need to achieve the look that would turn heads when you enter a room. Your eyes will make a statement with the right makeup choices and proper application. You already know that ladies only have to highlight one part of the face when wearing cosmetics. When you go for smokey eyes, you should keep your lip makeup light and simple.
Now, let us go back to your smokey eye makeup goal. This is actually very simple that you can easily learn how to do it like an expert. You can look fabulous without spending a fortune with the right skills. Let the following guidelines help you out.
Begin by engaging on other parts of your face. Put on makeup on your face, lips and cheeks and only start with your eye makeup when everything is done except for the under eye concealer. You must only start smearing concealer when your upper eye makeup has been applied.
Get your eye lids ready for the eye shadow. You may apply foundation or concealer on your eyelid if you do not have an eye shadow base. Just make sure it is oil-free and one that can blend well with your eye shadow. Neutral base color like beige is just perfect. Cover your whole eyelid with your chosen primer.
Draw a line around your eyes, covering your upper eyelid and lower lash using black eyeliner. Reduce the darkness of the line by using a small brush. Once done, put on black eye shadow on your eyelid and spread it using your finger. Now it is time you apply the main eye shadow. It should be a gray or brown shadow or a combination of both. Begin at the line of your lashes up to the bone of your brow. You’ll know that you’ve done it correctly if it looks like an oval when you eyes are closed.
It’s time you put on concealers under your eyes. Just like what you did on your eye lid, draw a line below your eyes and have it covered with your base eye shadow just after you have softened the line. Apply your main eye shadow and wrap it up by putting on a nice eye mascara.