The Best Makeup Brushes

Helpful Makeup Brushes

There are a lot of different Best makeup brushes out there, but there are some that you may find very helpful. When you are looking into the different makeup brushes you have to realize that some things that you use only work with certain makeup. Here I will explain the different sizes and what they are used or can be used for.

Big makeup brushes

kabuki makeup brush

With the big makeup brushes you can use these for your powders. Best makeup brushes are out there all around and with the big fluffy ones you will notice that they work well with blush and loose powder. The bug brushes are better for powder and blush because they feel a lot more comfortable on your face when you apply. You will also be able to get all of the powder that you want on your whole face instead of in certain areas. If you are looking for something to use for eye liner or lip gloss you are in luck.

Medium makeup brushes

best makeup brushes

The medium make up brushes are a step from the big fluffy ones. For example you will see that the medium brush is a little smaller and can be used for your lip gloss applications. Yes there are more brushes that have other sizes, but if you are looking at the average Best makeup brushes package then you will find that there are some that go from small medium to large. Yes the medium brush is great for lip gloss and lip stick that needs your finger or that does not come with a brush at all. Now the small brush can be used to add some eye liner to your eyes without you poking or hurting yourself.

Small medium makeup brush

makeup brushes

The little small brushes are great for eye liner control. Some eye liners come in different applications where you will not have anything to use to add it to your face. If you like adding some color under your eyes on top of the eye liner then using a small brush is also a great idea. Some actually add a little eye shadow under their eyes for a better look, so they will need a really small brush to help them along.

Best way to clean make up brushes

Clean your make up brushes  on a regular basis  with shampoo.

How often? It depends:

After each use – eyeliner brushes

After a few uses – eyeshadow brushes and  foundation brushes

Once a week – brushes for powder and blush

How to choose  the best make up brushes

–  Choose a good professional  make up  brand

–  Good  professional make up brushes cant  be very  cheap

–  Read  review on web

The Best makeup brushes are the ones that you can use for many different things besides what their main source is. If you are looking for something better to use and you love using brushes then having one is a great idea.