Best makeup for oily skin

What is the Best makeup for oily skin?

There is a lot of makeup out there that is good for oily skin. Sometimes you have to search around until you find the right one. If you are trying to put on makeup for your needs ,then you should try and add something a little more than that.

The best makeup for oily skin is a light makeup,without havy layers of  thick  foundation with powder on a top.  Read why!

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How to treat oily skin before  applying makeup

Oily skin can have a few problems , like acne and enlarged pores. To  get rid  of  these problems you have to   gently clean your skin   with water  or  toners just before applying makeup.Then use Face Moisturizer .When you have oily skin you should try and use face moisturizer instead of applying makeup right away. This will give your skin that wow factor in other words. Your face will not be as oily and it will make your makeup look a whole lot better. Once you add some type of moisturizer you will be able to tell the difference between applications. For example put make up on and take a picture without moisturizer and then add some moisturizer and makeup then take another picture and look at the difference. You will find a huge difference in what you are wearing and what it looks like.

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Best Makeup foundation for oily skin

Many do not use base as a makeup preference, but it can help your face be less oily. When you use base you are actually putting on a certain amount of makeup that matches your tone, so that you can apply your colors later. . This helps with oily faces as well, because it makes the skin look smoother and more your tone of color. Using base is great when you are trying to look a little more presentable. If you are not interested in base then you can actually try using less makeup or try some makeup that does not make your face oily.

What is the best foundation for oily skin?  There is a big choice , i would recommend  Vichy foundation.

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Powder for oily skin ?

Apply Loose powder not more than a few times by day .  Better to use blotters .It will keep your skin healthy and better looking for long term.

Other options

Now there are a lot of brands out there like Maybelline and Olay that offer certain creams for your face as well. These creams get rid of your oily skin making it smooth and easy to look and work with. When you have oily skin it is hard to work with it and try to make it look professional. If you get some of these products you will be able to use them at any time to make your face smoother and oil free.

Remember , the best makeup for oily skin cant be heavy!

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After removing make up

Make sure that you use some night time cream as well. This will help your skin become smoother and oil free when you are sleeping through the night. Another thing that you may want to make sure of is to always wipe off makeup before bed. You can use some nice Neutrogena wipes that will clear your face and leave it oil free as well.