Brown Hair With Highlights

Ideas for brown hair with highlights

Women with brown hair can do a lot of things with their hair color – they can put it up in various styles or they can make the color pop out by adding highlights. In fact, many celebrities have brown hair with highlights – like Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Ashley Tisdale, Nicole Ritchie, and Hayden Pannetierre. If want to covet brown hair with highlights successfully just like your celebrity idols, here are some tips to achieve the perfect look.

Determine your brown hair type

First of all, you need to determine which type of brown hair you have. There are 8 types – light, light ash, medium, golden, auburn, chestnut, and chocolate brown. Before you put on any type of highlight, you need to take your hair color into consideration.

Brown hair with caramel highlights:



Pick highlights suited for your hair

Contrast is the key when picking highlights for your hair. If you have light brown hair like reality star Audrina Patridge, then you can go ga-ga over blonde or red highlights. These colors will revitalize your hair and over-all look.

Dark  brown hair with caramel  highlights


A hint of silver or ash blonde will work for those with light ash brown hair, just like that of Jennifer Aniston. If you are of age and have some specks of gray hair on your head, you don’t have to hide them. You can make them part of your look by having silver or gray highlights.

Light brown hair with blonde highlights:




If you have auburn brown hair color, then you are indeed very lucky. You can pull almost all of the color highlights available in the market. For tried and tested looks that celebs such as Miley Cyrus loves, try copper red, gold blonde, or dark blonde.

Women with golden brown hair color like Jennifer Lopez can also go for golden blonde or strawberry blonde hues. For a subtle look, you can try light auburn highlights.

Ash blonde and strawberry blonde are great options for girls with medium brown hair, just like that of Jessica Biel.

If you have Chestnut Brown hair similar to Eva Longoria or Eva Mendes , then you should pick highlight colors such as golden blond or golden brown.

To make your dark, chocolate brown hair more dramatic, opt for golden blonde highlights and be able to have Tyra Banks’ look. If you have very dark brown hair like Emma Roberts, then go for contrasting highlights such as copper and maroon.

Gisele  with natural looking    hairstyle : dark roots and Beautiful caramel highlights.

Miley Cyris with cute lowlights and highlights in natural light brown hair.

Alexandra Ambrosia hairstyle with highlights

There are many great highlight ideas for people with brown hair. Remember to pick an antagonistic shade to make your locks stand out.

3 colored hair: natural brown with dark brown lowlights mixed with blonde and red highlights: natural hair with blonde and red highlights and  dark lowlights

Caramel highlights

brown hair with caramel highlights