Coachella Beauty Essentials

The Coachella Valley Music Festival is literally just right around the corner and if you are Coachella-bound this weekend, I’m pretty sure you’re already pumped to be going to the coolest music festival in Cali. If you’re a first timer at Coachella, we have done a series of articles to guide you and give you a good glimpse of what you can expect from the festival. If you haven’t already, check out THIS post on what to wear to Coachella as well as THIS post on Coachella must-have accessories and when you’re done, head on back here to see our list of Coachella beauty essentials.

  • Tinted moisturizer – because the heat tends to be super intense during Coachella music festivals, you’ll want something light that will offer you a bit of coverage as well. A tinted moisturizer is perfect because, unlike foundation, it will not cake or melt when you start to sweat from the hot, hot weather.

coachella beauty

  • BB cream – if you need a little bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer has to offer, you can opt for BB cream instead. It has fuller coverage compared to a tinted moisturizer but it won’t cake or melt either and it has a really natural finish, too, which is what you want for the perfect spring / summer festival look.


  • Sunscreen – expect the sun to beam down on you like it’s nobody’s business at Coachella. It is going to be scorching hot and the last thing you want is skin cancer, believe me. Make sure you have a bottle or two of sunscreen to last you the whole weekend to protect your skin from the sun. if you’re following the Coachella fashion trend, you’re gonna be bearing some skin so you’ll have to really slather it on.


  • Eyeliner, eyelash curler and mascara – these are the most basic eye products you’ll NEED in your Coachella beauty bag. Forget the eye shadow and just go with an easy, natural look instead. It’s so much easier to create and wear plus it would go really well with Coachella fashion and the outfits you have packed.

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  • Bronzer, blush and highlight – you’ll want to look glowing while you rock to your favorite bands’ beat so don’t forget to pack your bronzer, blush and highlight in your beauty bag. To save some space and for convenience, try looking for a palette that has this trio. Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette has wonderful colors that will give you that nice, dewy look.


  • Blotting paper – carry this in your little sling pouch and just pull a sheet out anytime you start feeling oily and have no time to stop and touch up. Blotting papers will keep you looking fresh and oil-free all day.


  • Lipstick – one bright color and one nude – that’s all the lipstick you need for the whole Coachella weekend. Use your bright lipstick with outfits that need a pop of color (hint: orange is the hottest lip color for spring) and your nude lipstick with outfits that call for a more natural look.


  • Lip balm – and to make sure your lips are smooth and moisturized enough for your gorgeous lipstick to go on smoothly, lip balm is a must. The extremely hot weather is bound to dry your lips, too, so it’s better to have lip balm in your purse to use anytime.


  • Hairspray – lastly, keep those chic Boho waves looking nice all day long by setting them in hairspray. A mini travel size bottle should be enough to last you all six days of the festival, in case you plan on going on both weekends.

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