Creative and Fashionable Small Tattoos for Women

Creative and Fashionable Small Tattoos for Women
If you are decided to get inked but you do not want to go too daring just yet, small tattoos for women are just perfect for you. Having tattoo is surely an in thing today. But for first-timers, especially for the ladies, it is advised to be very careful in choosing a tattoo design. When you mark your skin, it will be there for a lifetime and the kind of person you are will be reflected by it.
You should go for feminine designs as these are the tattoos that complement your small body frame. Feminine tattoos are characterized by tiny designs. These are cute, little images that make a statement when tattooed on your skin.
You are lucky that at present, there is an array of tattoo designs for women to choose from. Because these designs are wide-ranging, it is quite impossible not to find one that suits your taste. Here is a list of some of the most coveted designs by female tattoo enthusiasts.
Stars – Star tattoos are attractive and this design does not go out of fashion. This can be both simple and stunning, depending on which other elements you would want to include on the design.

small star tattoo
Flowers – Women are normally attracted to flowers. Tiny flowers on skin look very feminine. This decorative design is best tattooed on the side of the body, ankle or back.

small lotus tattoosmall flower tattoo

Fairies – These little creatures look really cute on women’s skin. Many female tattoo enthusiasts go for this design because they find their personality somewhat similar to a fairy who looks charming yet very powerful.

small fairy tattoo
Text – The unique formation of letters on the skin makes text a truly attractive tattoo design for women. Bible verses, favorite quotes, names, numbers and initials are just a few samples of small text tattoos that are very popular today.

shoulder heart tattoo

There is a lot of small and feminine tattoo designs:

small swallow tattoo

key tattoo

small key tattoo

small heart tattoosmall heart tattoo

feather tattoosmall feather tattoo

dove tattoosmall dove tattoo

small birds tattoossmall bird tattoos


bracelets tattoo