Cute and Trendy Hairstyles for Prom and Wedding

In this age where casualness has been teeming in any kind of environment and event, dressing up has become a rare thing. We, women, grab to every opportunity to do so. And two of the few occasions that we get to doll up and look our most gorgeous self is during proms and weddings.

Using the gorgeous hairstyles worn by celebrities during the Oscars and Golden Globes this year and the trending hairstyles of the season, I give you these cute and trendy hairstyles that you can wear for prom and wedding.

Basically, there are four types of hairstyles that you can wear: all down, updos, half-dos, and ponytails. And depending on your neckline (yes, the neckline of your dress needs to be considered) you can choose the perfect hairstyle to wear for the occasion.

1. Updos

When it comes to formal events, the first thing that pops to our minds is that we need to put our hair in an updo. Something with high collar will give this a classy look and let the attention go to your hair.  For this year, you have two options: a mussy updo or a sleek one.

Mussy Updos

mussy updo

For a mussy updo, you’d want a wavy or curly texture for it to look great but you don’t want to overcurl it. If you don’t have a naturally wavy or curly hair, you can follow the technique done below. Separate your hair into two parts, upper and lower. The lower half of your hair will become the foundation or skeleton of the updo so just roll it into a bun and pin it in place. Then you curl the upper half of your hair. Give it a little shake and finger-combing for a more organic look. Finally, wrap and pin the curls in the bun you made until your desired look.

top half messy updo


Sleek Updos

If you have stick straight hair and you either can’t curl it because it’s tough or don’t want the hassle to, you can comb it out into a sleek updo that rests on the nape of your neck. You don’t want it to be high up or even near the crown area of your head. Somewhere lower will give this a classy look.

sleek updo felicity jones

felicity jones updo

If you have a glamorous earrings to wear and you want to show it off, you can fully or partially tuck your ears underneath your hair. This way, you’ll give attention to your earrings just like how Marion Cotillard did below.

sleek twisted updo marion cotillard

For those with short hair, you can still pull back your hair in a crazy stylish way. Copy this gorgeous hairstyle that Julianne Hough wore below. Tease the  upper front section of your hair and twist and push them into a bouffant. And gather medium sections of hair and create a messy kind of line from that bouffant. teasing and hairspray are important for this updo.

bouffant short hair julianne hough

bouffant julianne hough


2. Half-Dos

Half-dos give a little sweetheart essence to your look that an updo or all down hairstyle can’t. A great dress for half-dos are that with v-neck or something slim or fitting. V-neck with this hairstyle works well to have the attention to your hair by framing your face.

messy half do


A very cute half-do is this half bun. It’s fairly easy to do. However, you might want to curl your hair for this to look feminine and not so boring.

half bun

This celtic knot below is a simple and chic half-do. It’s great for any texture, but mostly to curly ones, and it’s an ornament of a sort in its own.

celtic knot half do


For those who wants to try out something vintage. These beehive half-do and side pin-curled half-do are simple yet stylish. Hairspray and teasing is a dire need for these hairstyles while curling isn’t necessary.


beehive half do


vintage half do

3. Ponytail

This standard do might be too boring for an event where you’re all dolled up. But we can learn so much from the stars who wore it in the red carpet. You can keep it sleek and modern to show off your shiny and beautifully straight mane or look whimsical and cute with a braided side pony.

Notice how the uber side parted hair in the front accentuates the model’s eyes and eyebrows?

sleek modern ponytail


This side ponytail will look even better if paired with a one-shoulder dress. Keep in mind to rest the pony on the bare shoulder and not the one with the strap to have a balanced look.


braided side ponytail


4. All down

To avoid looking boring, you want a little artistry with the curling iron for this hairstyle. And if there’s anything we learned in the Oscars and Golden Globes red carpet, it’s that obvious spaghetti-like curls are not for this season. So you either keep it subtle in barely-there beach waves or a bold vintage finger curls.

subtle waves long bob


cute wavy bob


finger curls


finger wave