Easy Photo Prop Ideas for Kids

I was going through some old photos of the kiddos in the family, we have a TON. I love that we just go out for a photoshoot for fun 🙂 One thing that I think make the photoshoots even more fun is props. So I decided to share some of my favorite photos I found and some easy prop ideas that you might even have on hand! Because there are never enough reasons for a photoshoot!
Easy Photo Prop Ideas for Kids
I think this one of Kirianna is one of my favorite photos of all time. I love how the colorful balloons really pop in the sky. And these are great too if you have a kiddo that isn’t feeling like taking pictures at the moment. I think around that age will do anything for a bundle of balloons!
Photo Prop Ideas for Kids

Toys can be a great motivator for an unwilling kiddo to take some photos too. Kermie is our man so the photo on the left is so precious to my heart! It works even better if you have a bunch that match like my real life Toy Story baby.
Easy Photo Prop Ideas

Janae is a genius in the chalk area! The possibilities are really endless here!

Photo Prop Idea for Kids

Books (or even going to the library) makes for cute shots, especially if their at the age where you can set them on a stack of books and the feet don’t even touch the ground 🙂
I love this shot Janae did for a newborn photoshoot. So cute for spelling out names, or maybe even birthdate/stats?
Photos Prop Idea for Kids

This is a shot I took of Sabrina this past Christmas. The lights are a great idea for Christmas, or anytime really. I think I want to take some more of these outside once it gets warmer!
Kids photo idea

Cute suitcases/furniture even. Little Gage is sitting on a suitcase in this one too!

Another favorite! Post board is cheap and can be used for anything or any occasion!
kids  Photo Prop Ideas

And last, this is also one of my favorites of Sabrina. Polaroids are so fun to use in a photoshoot or even just old photos or photos of loved ones that couldn’t be there!