Elegant Half Updo Hairstyles

If you want a hairstyle that can make you look pretty and gorgeous but still want that girly vibe going on by letting your hair down, half updo hairstyles are your best bet. There are a number of half updo hairstyles that you can try for yourself and each one of them gives off a different look. Some are chic and elegant while others are casual and laid back. And then there are also those that are just plain fabulous for any day and look.

paris hilton voluminous half updo

  • The twisted half updo – this is very simple and is perhaps one of the most basic half updos that every girl should know. The twisted half updo is best done with curly or wavy hair. To do this, simply take a section of about an inch or two from each side, preferably from above the ear. Twist each section, take over to the opposite side, making sure both sections cross over, and secure with a bobby pin. The twists can also be replaced with braids.

twisted half updo


  • Half up, half down, and a pouf – this is another very simple half updo that requires minimum effort but it looks ultra sassy and chic. It’s the same as when you would do the basic half up do but you will have to tease your crown first to achieve volume. You can make the pouf as bold or as subtle as you want, it all depends on your taste and choice. If, by any chance, you can’t make your pouf stay on, then you should try buying a bump base for your hair instead to achieve this look.

half updo simple

adding volume to a half updo

  • Braided headband – you know how there are those headbands that look like they’re real braided hair? Well, sure they look cute but seriously, keeping them on your head seems like such an impossible task, especially if you have sleek, straight hair. If you’ve always loved the look of a braided headband, then you should consider doing it yourself. It’s quick, it’s easy and it stays on your head all day.

braided headband half updo

how to do braided headband

  • Half up and down fishtails – braid your half updo into a fishtail.

fishtail half updo

  • Hair bow half updo – the full bow updo was made popular by both Snooki from Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga. Lots of people think that the only way to achieve this is by using bow clips with faux hair but you can actually do it on your hair and it’s pretty cute!
  • how to do a half updo bow

red hair bow half updo