Gift Wrapping Ideas for All Occasions

Gift wrapping should not be seen as a simple wrapping of gifts with paper because the overall impact of the gift really begins on the way you wrapped it. Admit it; even you would really appreciate a perfectly wrapped gift with creative gift wrapping ideas.

Excellent gift wrapping ideas will not just create better wrapping, but will also show your special someone that you exerted due effort just to wrap the gift. To help you on unique gift wrapping ideas, here some of the gift wrap ideas that you can use:

 Use endogenous materials

Aside from wrapping your fist, you can use endogenous materials such as sea shells to add accent on the gift wrap. Glue some shells on the front side for that unique design.

Unique gift wraps

Use fabric

Fabric can always be sued for gift wrapping.  Using fabric is one of the good gift wrapping ideas for Christmas. Use red and green or even Santa printed fabrics.


Use gift wraps with letters

Excellent gift wrapping ideas for birthdays especially for kids is using wrappers with their first name initial or full name printed. In this way, they will feel really special on their birthday.


Use recycled old maps

If you have bunch of old maps at home, you can recycle them by using them as gift wraps. Add a little design by using cute ribbons to fasten the gift.

Map gift wraps

Use neutrals

Other gift wrapping ideas for weddings include the use of neutral colors. Since your gifts will be received both by the bride and the groom, using neutral colors is a good way to express that both of them are special instead of using very masculine or feminine colors.


Use origami

A popular Japanese art is origami. For that special person, you can add a piece of origami art on the gift instead of using conventional ribbons and bows.


Use Personalized gift cards

Instead of using generic gift cards, you can use a personalized one by using the recipient’s pictures.

Personalized goit cards

Use bow tie pasta

Instead of using ribbons, you can also use bow tie pasta for that unique bow in your gifts. Use thin strings to tie the bow pasta into the gift.

Bow tie pasta

Use gift wraps with special prints

People are fond of using generic gift wraps, but when you use special wrappers with printed messages such as the example below, you can clearly show the meaning of your gift.

Special prints

Use velvet ribbon

White gift wraps can look very luxurious by using velvet ribbons. Skip spending on special gift wrappers by using white and add a little style using velvet wraps.

Velvet ribbon

Giving extra time in wrapping gifts using the above gift wrapping ideas is a nice way to add a little attention to the person you are giving the gift to. No matter what the occasion is, letting the person feel important is the essence of giving gifts.