Hair toner

What is Hair Toner?

Hair toner  it is a some sort of semi permanent hair dye, that can be used for  enhance your hair color, natural, or not.  Hair toners comes in different shades for every hair color  and often packed like shampoo and  mostly you have to use  hair toner very   similar to shampoo  .You can find shampoo toners as well.

Generally, hair toner will damage your hair much  less, than regular hair dye. But it is  much less strong coloration too. You can  keep the results for some weeks maximum . Hair color will fade out  more and more after each hair wash.

hair toner on blonde hair

Mostly people use hair toner at home , but  there are a lot of salons that use hair toner on their clients so that they toner can help your treated hair remove certain colors that are not wanted. The toner will actually tone your hair and make it the right color. This basically tones out and rids the unwanted orange and stuff like that.

Hair toner will not bleach your hair , it can only tone it  to a darker shade.

For example: if your hair is brown and you will buy  red hair toner , your hair will become  something  between  burgundy or wine  red with hint of brown in it .

How to get purple hair color?

You can get purple hair color if you bleach your hair and then apply  violet or purple  hair toner or just use temporary with manic panic hair dye

purple hair color

Why to use  toner for hair

Hair toner is used all the time and you may have to use it for certain reasons:

–  To remove yellow tones from bleached  and blond hair ( Hair toner for brassiness, to get rid of ”brassy blonde” look)

–  To experiment with unusual  hair colors  ( purple, red, eggplant shades, dark brown)

–  To enhance your natural hair color

–  Some  aged  ladies  love   to use hair toner to get violet or light blue hair color)

There are a lot of salons that actually use these after they color your hair. You can read here on what it does and how you benefit from using it.

temporary toner

Where can you get a toner?

Well you can get hair toner at the salon when you go and get your hair colored or you can sometimes purchase it. There are some color dye that has some toner within the boxes, but there are times when you can just get it buy the toner by itself. You may spend a few bucks, but if you are trying to make sure that you have the right color hair without the trouble of looking at orange or different color blonde.

You have to remember that it is better to get this done at a salon if you are not trained in using dye and toner. When you use the home remedies you may have to read all the instructions and make sure that you know everything well enough so that you will be happy with the results. The last thing you want is to mess up your hair, so it might be better to actually let someone else add the toner and make your hair look great.

beautiful toned hair

Does toner  damage hair ?

Well the hair toner does not and should not damage your hair what so ever, but sometimes you may have to make sure that you are getting what you are asking for and what they are providing. Sometimes if you do certain things on your own you run the risk of messing up your hair, so make sure that you get someone to help you or you go to a professional to get the right toner done.


You do not have to have a toner if you do not want to, but you should always waive your options when you are trying to make your hair look presentable. Make sure that you think about using the hair toner or not using it.

Hair toner  benefits

– Easy to use at home


– Result is semi permanent and  washes out , but it can be a benefit !