How to Accessorize Black and White Outfits

Accessorizing is part of dressing up. All fashionistas know that an outfit is never complete without at least one accessory that will make the outfit pop and stand out. Just like neutrals, black and white are colors that are both easy to wear, either on their own or with any other colors and hues you can find in your closet. When you combine the two together, though, what you get is a chic and sleek color combination that makes for a sharp and sophisticated outfit. However, no matter how gorgeous your black and white outfit is, accessorizing is still a must. Here are some ways on how to accessorize black and white outfits:

  • All out black and white – if you’re loving the way your black and white outfit looks sharp and sleek on you, you should definitely keep it that way. Wearing black and white from head to toe is a very bold fashion statement that’s sure to turn head wherever you go. Wear black and white accessory pieces to complete and complement your outfit without taming down it’s fierce, bold vibe.

sleek black and white chic black and white

  • Play it up with colors – now, if you think that wearing black and white from head to foot as well as in accessories is too much of a bold statement for you, there are lots of ways to tame it down and make it more casual. One of those ways is to incorporate color in your black and white outfits. You can tops off a b&w dress with a red coat or maybe wear bright pink shoes with a black and white ensemble. You can also add a splash of color to your outfit with your accessories.

red with black and white

black and white outfit

  • Add prints and patterns – just because you’re wearing black and white does not mean you have to wear it in plain solid colors. Make your black and white outfit more fun and interesting by wearing these two colors in cute patterns and prints. It can be as simple as black and white stripes or as artistic as an abstract pattern. You can also make it even more interesting with black and white graphic prints. A simple way to incorporate patterns and prints in any outfit would be to wear one piece (either bottom or top) in print and the other half in a plain solid color but if you’re braver and more fashion forward, you can also try doing the print on print trend in black and white.

black and white print on print all out black and white

  • Mix and match metals – of course, jewelry is one of the most common way to accessorize. Before it was a trend, you would be considered a fashion victim if you wore one metal with another of a different kind. Today, though, it’s one of the most striking ways to accessorize. No more matchy-matchy metals when it comes to jewelry so feel free to stack them up and go all out!

bold belt on black and white black and white

  • Texturize – to add more depth and dimension to a plain black and white outfit, what you can do is wear pieces made from different materials. Doing so allows you to create a more interesting texture combination. Mix cotton with tweed, tweed with silk, silk with fur – the combinations are endless.

texture on black and white elegant black and white