How To Dress Parisian Chic

The French have always been known for their wonderful sense of fashion and style and they pull it off so effortlessly. The beautiful mix of comfort and style that Parisian chic offers is just so tempting to follow. And whatever is the occasion, they never seem to be overdressed or underdressed.

Parisian chic is so stylish and, well, chic with that sense of elegance and casualness rolled into one outfit. Emily Grossman from has even given out the gist of French fashion which is, “Buy less quantity, buy better quality, buy versatility”. And that will be our starting point, especially for those who wants to dress like the French. Here, I give you ways and tips on how to achieve the Parisian chic style.

The Ever-Present Classic Trench Coat…

Trench coats have become a staple of Parisian chic, especially when it’s the classic camel trench coat. There is a certain amount of chicness and comfort in them and as I’ve said before camel is a versatile color.

trench coat and boots

trench coat and striped shirt

And Cardigans For When It’s Not So Cold

A more feminine choice of overcoat is cardigan. And you can slip them over your dress to have a more feminine and chic outfit. Or you can wear it over your pants to add a little femininity on your outfit.

cardigan and dress

cardigan and pants

Basic Necessity

The French invest a great big deal of their time and money in looking for basic or neutral-colored garments. These garments are what they call “luxury basics” and are their investment clothes. They spend more on high quality neutral-colored clothes than the seasonal or “trendy” ones. And they have a point here. You want to spend more on something that you can wear all-year-round and are basically timeless. A $150 classic top that can survive 1000 wears is a far better investment than a trendy $25 one that will tear off at the 15th wear.

white shirt and pants basic outfit

black outfit

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are chic and stylish. You can wear it on almost any kind of footwear and they are flattering on any kind of body or height. And they are especially a wonderful bottom to wear if you want to show off or highlight your shoes.

cropped pants outfit

cropped pants

Learn Highlighting A Piece

Highlighting, also known as “spotlight dressing”, is when you try to make one piece of your outfit, something of a either a bright color or printed one, standout by having the rest of your outfit in neutrals. A very easy way to make something standout is to wear it on an all-black or all-white outfit.

brown blazer and all black outfit

printed top and black pants

Fabulous Flats

If there was one thing that I like most about Parisian chic style (and let me tell you, I like everything about it–the classic trench, the minimalist essence…everything) it is how they make flats absolutely chic and stylish. I personally am not a flats person but the way flats are incorporated into a Parisian chic outfit makes it so fresh and new. And if you want something that gives more statement than plain black flats, opt for those chic black leather loafers. They could just go with anything.

pointy flats Alexa Chung

black loafers outfit

Your Heel Alternative

If you want to up your height without the torture that goes with wearing stiletto, then the French has the  solution you need: fashionable chunky heels and boots. And in relation to flats, you can also wear sandals if you want to go for something even more comfortable. It’s just simply amazing how they could think of a lot of comfort shoes that aren’t our regular sneakers. The result is that you look posh and chic yet comfortable with what you are wearing.

chunky heels outfit

boots outfit

The Go-To Accessory

As mentioned above, the Parisian chic style has an essence of minimalist in them and that means that too much accessories are not necessary. But if there was one accessory that’s widely loved in the French streets, it’s those statement sunglasses. You could be wearing your basic outfit and just a bag with no jewelries at all and then slip on those sunglasses and you can go the distance.


sunglasses outfit

Going Au Naturel

In the case of makeup and hair, the French usually opts for something more natural–especially when you’re below 35. For makeup, keep it simple and go for a natural makeup that will make you look fresh-faced all day. For hair, the French usually goes for one solid block of color–no highlights and ombre here–but if you already have your hair that way, just keep them unruly and slightly finger-combed.

marion cotillard makeup

unkept hair