How to Make Your Own DIY Lace Shorts

Lace has been quite the trend this year. If you’ve been out to shop recently, chances are that you’ve seen some clothing items that have been laced. A lot of designers have also used lace for a number of their pieces included in some of their collections and it’s not hard to see why.

lace shorts

denim on lace

Lace is such a beautiful material. It looks delicate, feminine, flirty, and romantic. Perhaps one of the most popular clothing items that have been incorporated with lace this summer are shorts. Lace shorts are all over. You’ll see girls wearing them and pairing them with anything and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do it too.DIY Lace shorts are awesome. They’re cheap, customizable and most of the materials you’ll need to make your own pair are right in your own home.

lace shorts for the beach

lace shorts and corset top

There are plenty of ways you can make your own DIY Lace Shorts, even if your sewing skills aren’t exactly up to par. It’s so easy you can even make one without having to do any stitching at all! For this type of DIY lace shorts, you’ll only need fabric glue, lace, scissors and an old pair of shorts. First, cut up a couple of strips of lace. The thickness or width of the strips depends on your taste. Then take your old pair of shorts and simply glue the strips of lace on to the hem of your shorts to make sort of a piping or trimming. Let the fabric glue dry and you’re done! You can also do this to the hem of your shorts’ pockets.

simple lace shorts

pockets lace shorts

If you have a knack for sewing, though, you can make a more artsy pair of lace shorts. Try to follow the pattern of your lace and make a triangle. Then, cut up a triangle that’s on each of the side seams of your shorts and then sew the lace on as if patching the hole. This is easy but at the same time gives your old pair of shorts a new delicate twist.

side lace shorts

lace shorts detail

If you know how to sew but are not that much of a pro, you can always just sew on tiers of lace to your shorts and achieve a ‘skorts’ look.  Making your own diy lace shorts is one fun way to glam up and up cycle old pairs of underused shorts in your closet.

country lace shorts

chic cotton lace shorts

diy lace shorts