How to Wear Stripes the Right Way

We’ve all missed stripes the past few seasons. It seems like they just suddenly disappeared. This is because people thought that stripes were only able to cater to certain body types and is not the most flattering print. However, thanks to the fierce and fashion-forward fashionistas of today, stripes are quickly having a comeback. You’ll notice that stores carry all kinds of striped clothing pieces and accessories. Stripes are also smoking hot on the runway, though the print on print trend may not really be ideal for everyday outfits.

So, how do you wear stripes? We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks for you so you can go ahead and jump in on the bandwagon. These tips are guaranteed to make you look fabulous in stripes, no matter what body type you are.

  • If you want to look a few inches taller than you already are, wear horizontally striped pants to give the illusion of longer legs. These pants go well with just a plain colored top. It’s very simple to pull off and is sure to make your legs appear more slender as well. Wear your best pair of heels if you really want to be towering tall and chic.

blac and white strped pants

stripes for height

striped pants


  • People have always believed that vertically striped tops are unflattering and can make you look bigger than you actually are but it really all depends on the type of stripe and the way they fall and drape on your body. When wearing a tops with vertical stripes, there is a tendency that the print will give you a straight silhouette so consider putting a blazer or jacket on top to make a silhouette of a curve on the waist area.

blazer and stripes

thin stripes and blazer

striped dress and blazer

  • Tops with bigger, bolder and wider stripes, on the other hand, can be worn on their own. You may, however, accessorize if you feel that a striped shirt and pants is too simple for you.

cute striped dress

big stripes sweater

  • The same trick applies to dresses. Vertical bigger stripes are fine on their own while thinner ones have to be accessorized and worn with a blazer or jacket. Of course, in order to look perfect, you’ll need the perfect dress length for you.

vertically striped shirt

colorful stripes dress

Remember that however tempting it may be to copy the styles on the runway that pair stripes with other prints such as florals and polka dots, the safest way is still to pair stripes with a solid color, especially for just day to day outfits.

Striped maxi :

striped maxi skirt

striped maxi dress

striped dress