Advantages of Long Haircuts

Bad hair days are really bad hair days when you have a short hair cut. With long hair, you can put your hair into a ponytail if all else fails, but with short hair, you really have to work at it with a curling iron to get it worthy of walking out the door.

What can you expect once you cut your long hair? What changes can you expect in your daily routine? It will grow back if you dislike having short hair, so what is the big deal? 

beautiful long hair

 Read on for why you should think carefully before taking the plunge and cutting off your long hair.

 curly hair with bangs

Short styles may use barrettes or head bands, but with length comes many more options for really using clips, rhinestones, pins, chopsticks, or even phony ponies. Most ladies will not want to go through the hassle of placing hair do pieces on a daily basis. 

hair with headband

Longer hair means more to work with. In the long run, short hair’s lack of maintenance may also mean that your hair looked the same at a basketball game as on your wedding day.

hair cuts for long hair

Fancy styling of pinned up hair, or combinations of half down with curls and accessories means that you can leave a different impression every time you do your hair. 

haircuts with accessories

Hair styling takes longer each day when you have short hair. Having long hair means you can comb and go for the most part. With short hair, plan on extra time to comb, blow dry, style with a curling iron and mousse, and don’t forget the hair spray to keep it all in place. 

megan fox curly hair

Artistically speaking, a long hair style will use the lateral lines to draw the eyes down. Therefore, someone who’s face is round, or even fat, will look thinner with long hair. This becomes even more apparent with the volume of curl or wave.

 long hair

You will find that the longer hair you got, the more confidence you have. Mainly due to liking the styles more, and appreciating your natural hair texture in those styles. Also, with the length having the illusion that you face was thinner.

long hairstyle

Many women love wearing long hair because it appeals to their feminine side. Unfortunately, as any stylist can tell you, long hair does not look flattering on everyone so there are ‘tricks of the trade’ which can be employed.

 ponytail hairstyle

Keep in mind that the best hair style will always flatter the shape of the face and why it is important for some women to consider long hairstyles with bangs.