Looking Gorgeous in Bohemian Style Clothing

Bohemian style clothing is probably one of the most laid back yet chic styles when it comes to fashion. A lot of people often mistake Bohemian, otherwise known as ‘boho’, fashion as hippie fashion or gypsy fashion and o be quite honest, it is indeed almost like a combination of the two styles.

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Bohemian style clothing is very comfortable. If you want to look completely and authentically Bohemian, there are things that you should know about this style of clothing and how to look good in it.

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First off, Bohemian style clothing uses free-flowing pieces instead of tighter ones. Examples of clothing pieces that embody the bohemian vibe are oversized t-shirts, maxi dresses, peasant tops and flowy, often tiered skirts like hi-lo skirts. Regardless of this, bohemian style clothing is still very sexy, especially when mixed and matched with the right pieces.

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Bohemian style clothing usually comes in floral prints although you’ll also find other pieces that are either just of plain colors or other prints. Color and print are very important elements in bohemian style clothing because of layering. When you see Bohemian style clothing, you’ll notice that a lot of pieces are layered on top of the other to complete the whole ensemble.

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Of course, as with any other type of clothing, your Bohemian outfit is never complete without any accessories. This is the last step you’ll have to do in order to complete your Bohemian style clothing. This style usually needs accessories that are made of natural items like wood, metal, and stones although there is no rule that bans the use of plastic accessories. Large chunky arm candy look very gorgeous with Bohemian style clothing. As for necklaces, the longer, the better and a show stopping piece of gem as pendant won’t hurt. Hoop earring are always a hit with Bohemian style clothing and so are dangling ones. As for shoes to complement Bohemian style clothing flats are usual and you can go for strappy heeled wedges or sandals for a more modern twist.

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Lastly, your hairstyle should also compliment your Bohemian style clothing. Because the ‘boho chic’ style is known to be a relaxed and effortlessly chic fashion style, having your hair down with natural looking waves is often enough. If you want to dress it up a little bit, though, you can always go for dainty headbands or even scarf headbands.

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