Nicknames for guys

During the years you will notice that there are a lot of nicknames for guys out there. Some of the names come from certain things like names, family and friends. Sometimes if you have a certain name you will be called something else or you will get something worse from your family. Here are a lot of nicknames for guys that you may find okay and some that you find weird.

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First name nicknames

Sometimes you will have a guy that is called Treymon and he will get the nick name Trey. This is a nickname that is around today as well as others. The first name is usually the first one that ends up getting some type of nickname to it because of the way it is spelled or said. You will find that some cannot even say certain names. You can name your son Gabriel and they will call him Gabe instead. There are a lot of nicknames for guys that come from their first or middle names.

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Family names

You will notice that your family will give you some of the weirdest names out there if they can. If your head looks like a peanut then they will call you peanut as a nick name. There are so many names that family members tend to come up with for guys without even thinking. You may find that they will give him a nickname based on the way he looks or just the way he acts. Most of the weirdest nicknames may come from your family, but sometimes they may come from your friends.

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Guy nicknames from friends

No one knows you more than friends most of the time and to a guy getting a nickname is awesome. This means that you will come across some weird nicknames that you may not have thought of yourself. Guys always have to have something related to what they are doing or who they are. For example you may find that a guy will get the nickname player or King something in order to look cool. These are the weirdest names out there. If you are a heavy set guy they may call you Big king B or something like that. Make sure to be aware of your friends’ nicknames.

There are a lot of nicknames for guys out there and some of them come from the top three categories which are the friends, family and first names.