Revamp your look with Red Highlights

Red Highlights on your hair can give your over-all look that much needed “oomph.” This unique hair dye will surely make your facial features pop out. But before you head out to the nearby store to buy a bottle of red hair dye, here are some factors to consider in order to look ravishing with your red highlights.

-Those who will successfully rock red highlights are women with warm eye tones and warm skin tones. Warm eye hues include green, golden brown and hazel eye colors. Warm skin colors, on the other hand, pertain to a brown skin tone, or a ruddy or freckled skin complexion.

Beautiful red and purple highlights in black hair with blue undertone!

red and purple highlights in black hair

-Girls with cool skin tones will look dull with red highlights. If you belong to this category, you need not be sad because you can dash your hair with highlights near to red such as burgundy.

-Women with warm hair hues will be able to pull off red highlights better than those with cool hair shades. This is because a warm hair color works well with red highlights. There is an exception though – -adding red highlights to shiny, blonde hair will result in a marvelous look!

red highlights in black hair

Platinum Blonde hair with red highlights:


Women with brown hair can go with the normal shade of red highlights. You can also add in blonde streaks for a truly unique hairstyle.

Brown hair with red highlights look beautiful!

-If you have black hair, choose dark, yet shiny red highlights.
-If you can’t decide on which shade of red highlights to use, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Choose these safe red hues such as Auburn Red and Copper Red. Try L’Oreal Majirel, ION Color Brilliance, or Garnier Nutrisse.
-To get a beautiful highlighted look without getting overboard, only add 8-12 red highlights to your hair.
-If you can’t risk highlighting your hair red because you might not like it in the end, work with a photo editing program first. Upload your picture and add red highlights to your hair. If you like what you see on your computer screen, then go for it!
-To preserve your red highlights, use a color-enhancing shampoo such as Artec Orange Marigold. Make sure to follow the directions first as this type of shampoo can be very potent when used incorrectly.

Long dark  hair with red highlights

long dark hair with red highlights

Stylish short hair

stylish short hair with red highlights



Cute emo  goth  hairstyle  with red highlights! See how to match makeup colors to hair tone!

cute goth  emo  hairstyle with red  highlights

Black hair with red highlights:

-Remember to follow these tips before you add color to your hair, because it will be an expensive mistake in case you dye your hair red and not like the result afterwards. Red Highlights can make you stand out in the crowd, and it’s about complementing and mixing looks in order to achieve a unique and stunning hair style.