Secrets to getting rid of adult acne by giving up white sugar and flour

Hi!  My name is Miranda and I blog over at The Pinterest Project with my friend, Jamie.  We are addicted to Pinterest, and blog about trying a new pin every day.  I was really excited when Jamie (The Letter 4 Jamie, not my Jamie!) asked me to come hang out with you guys today .

I’m here today to talk about something I have struggled with since I was a freshman in high school. I will tell you my story and secrets to getting rid of adult acne by giving up white sugar and flour  . Adult acne  ,It’s something that has embarrassed me for years, but it’s something that I am learning a lot of women deal with and so I felt like I needed to share my story!Secrets to getting rid of adult acne
Adult acne.  Ick!
I have had bad skin for as long as I can remember.  I kept telling myself it would get better as I got older, but strangely it seemed to continually get worse.  I saw several doctors and dermatologists, tried Clearasil to Proactiv and everything in between.  Have been on several different prescriptions, and even tried homeopathic, natural remedies like tea tree oil.
A few months after my 2nd son was born, I was feeling really depressed again and saw another dermatologist.  At the time I was breastfeeding my 3 month old son and he told me I needed to stop breastfeeding and go on a drug similar to Accutane.  I left the office in tears, frustrated with myself – fearing a drug like Accutane, saddened to think about weaning my son so much earlier than I anticipated, wondering if I was vain to even consider it…
I am fortunate to have a mother who believes a lot of ailments and external problems can be made better with nutrition.  With that background and knowledge, I began trolling the internet for some acne help through food and nutrition.  And little by little I began piecing together really fascinating information.  What I read was that refined sugar and flour (white flour basically breaks down into sugar in your body) can cause a hormonal imbalance.  This really clicked with me – I’d always felt like my acne must be hormonal, because nothing I did topically worked.  The more I thought about what I was feeding myself, the more I realized I was eating a lot more refined sugars and flours than I realized.  Because we were eating things like locally grown fruits, veggies and meats I think I had convinced myself it wasn’t our food habits.
But sugar is in everything.  It’s in the bread you buy at the store, and peanut butter.  It’s in crackers and pasta sauce and cereals.  When I started paying attention to nutrition labels, I was overwhelmed with how much sugar is in our food.  I decided that I was breaking up with white sugar and flour.  I read about all of this over Christmas…but I’m not crazy, I waited until January to get hardcore about it 😉
In January of this year, I cut out refined sugar and flour.  I visited blog after blog after blog.  I read everything I could about clean eating, and whole foods.  I cut way back on baking (my beloved hobby!), and when I did bake, I started using honey and maple syrup as a sugar substitute.  Cutting out sugar wasn’t easy at first.  It’s like detoxing off a substance – my head hurt, I felt awful and I was tired.  But after the first 2-3 weeks, I started feeling awesome.  And the change in my skin kept me going – for the first time in 19 years, I wasn’t struggling with breakouts.
It’s been 5 months since we tossed white sugar and flour out on their behinds…and I feel better than I have in years.  My acne?  Gone.  My every single day headaches?  Gone.  My “I’m completely and utterly lethargic and tired and can’t get up off the couch if my butt was on fire” feelings?  Gone.  And I dropped almost 10 lbs without doing anything else.
I have more energy than I’ve had in years.  I don’t have to pile on 14 layers of make up just to face the day.  I don’t cry about my skin anymore.  I wish I had better before and after pictures for you, but I never anticipated sharing my story – so this is the best that I have!  Both pictures are taken without makeup (please excuse the horror of the first 2 pictures!  Not only is my skin awful, I look like I want to drive off a cliff.  Haha)
Gude to getting rid of adult acne
There are many, many benefits to giving up white sugar and flour – and while I’m not perfect at it and I do occasionally splurge, feeling better about myself is the motivation I need to keep my sugar consumption low!
If you’re struggling with your skin and have tried everything under the sun – I really would suggest giving this a shot.  I know that it won’t work for everyone, but I have been astounded at how well it’s worked for me.  And, if you have any questions about what I eat, or where to start, I would love to answer them as best I can.  Feel free to email me at