Straight bangs versus Side bangs: which will look better on you?

Straight bangs vs Side bangs , what to choose? 

Straight or side bangs can renew your love and accentuate your best features. The bangs you choose can also conceal the not-so-nice facets of your face. While bangs are all the rage now in Hollywood, before you go to your hairstylist to have your bangs chopped, here are some tips which can help you decide which will work best to your advantage.Check  the most common  hairstyles with bangs and pick   the best bang for your face shape!

It’s all about your facial shape 

Faces come in an array of shapes. The type of bangs you should have should depend on your facial features. If you have a square face, you tend to have strong jaws. The best way to soften your robust facial features is to opt for layered side bangs.

Bangs for face shape

-If you have a heart-shaped face just like Reese Witherspoon, then angled side bangs will add balance to your sharp chin.

-If you have a round face, again, side-swept bangs will make your face look longer and less ‘puffier.’

-If you have an oval-shaped face, lucky you! You can pull off any type of bangs – straight or side – because any of these styles can go well with your facial shape. If you are one with prominent cheekbones, try full-on straight bangs and you will look like a bombshell.

-If you have a baby face like Tyra or Rihanna then straight bangs  will fit you perfectly.


Choose a style which accentuates your facial features

What’s great about having bangs is that it can make your beautiful eyes pop out. If you have large eyes, go for wispy side bangs. If you have chinky eyes (calling all Asians!) try short, side bangs to make your eyes appear bigger.

If you have big ears, then bangs can work miracles on your prominent hearing organ. Go for long, side-swept bangs to create the illusion of smaller ears.

Go for forehead coverage

Some of us were born with wide foreheads. Fortunately, bangs can conceal this ‘open’ space. If you have a ‘five’-head just like Tyra Banks, then any style of bangs can work to your advantage. Be it straight or side, it can improve your look.

If you have the complete opposite – a small forehead – then wispy side bangs can elongate your face.

Don’t forget your hair texture!

Even if your facial shape and features give you the freedom to choose any style of bangs, you need to take the texture of your tresses into consideration. If you have thin hair, try full-on straight bangs to balance out your fine locks. If you have thick hair, congratulations! You can choose from any type of bangs to accentuate your face.

Bangs can make you look lovely,  side bangs or straight bangs  and it can also make you look drab. So before you visit your hairstylist, take these tips into consideration in order to achieve your full beauty potential.